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Dumping Toki chapter 40.

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Sera bribes Toki with a juice box.

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or maybe not?

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Sera wants a data alone with Ryuuka.

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For Mahjong!

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thanks to:

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plan B?

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Sera visits Toki and Ryuuka's favorite playground.

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It's where they first met.
Love the "Love Monster" shoes.

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Sera just moved and is lonely.

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Sera has national mahjong experience.

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Team Toki did not do very well.
Oddly Toki remained vanguard and Ryuuka was captain through high school.

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Mahjong small talk

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Yae (Nara), Himeko (Kyuushu), and Chachanon (Hiroshima)

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No, remember that Toki was only put on the Senriyama high school team after she awakened full future sight powers going into her third year. She was too weak for the team before that, and was strong enough for vanguard with her new power.

Thanks for dumping during these trying Tokis

Sera had fun, but not good results.

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That's Mairu from Kyushu, not Himeko.

flashback with Sera and Hiroe reviewing the match

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two girls, one bed

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Thanks, the hair length confused me, but the clips are Mairu's.

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Toki starts to dream of Nationals.

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friendship forming

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They dropped mahjong after elementary school?
How sad?

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smiling Toki

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New mahjong club incoming?
What happened to Sera/Hiroe?

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Hiroe betrayed Sera.
End chapter 40; next chapter 5/25.

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MakoMeshi 11 was already dumped:

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Ooh! What happened?
>Young heartbreak
>Elementary schooler drama
>Being enemies on the mahjong table
>Not being serious on the mahjong table
>School club politics
>30 yen feud

Sakisan a cute! Cute cute cute!

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still waiting for Saki:re

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I'm going to wait until the chapter goes up on gangan online because otherwise the baidu raws are just dogshit.