No demon zoo this week, but we got Kuroko's ass shot at least

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Nice ass.

Kuroko is delicious

Fuck it, I think I’m a lost cause but I find Kuroko with blood stains attractive as hell for some reason.

I only wish that the scene was in slow mo, and closer up. But I'll take it

So this leaves us 1 episode for dragon strike, 1 episode for bon epilogue, 8 episodes for beach filler, and 1 for dream ranker?

>They didn't fuck it up

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Kuroko is disgusting and so are you. Fuck off.

Its gap moe/cool. Kuroko is this dainty, prissy little ojou, but shes also a touch little bitch that keeps fighting despite being banged up.

tough*, how the fuck did that happen

The angle in manga is way sexier and more natural. Nagai is a hack.

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Kuroko has a terrible body and a shit personality. Don't know why so many of you stupid fucks were sperging over this shitty ass shot

This cunt isn't sexy. Fuck off

Yea we heard you the first time. You gonna be sperging about this all day, retard? Take a break if it bothers you so much, jesus

Holy fuck boys! Look at this!!!

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Yea youre right, but I'll take what I can get. I was sure we werent getting anything since Misaki's tits got censored

The only sperging I see is all you retards screaming about this stupid shot which isn't anywhere near worth the attention it has gotten for years.

That’s hot dude. That’s so hot.

So your master plan is to screech like a sperging retard because you dont like something. Nice dude, very cool

Reminder that the BDs didn't include Gunha's original shirt and therefore Raildex bends the knee to its chinese overlords.

How is it possible to be THAT cute? I’ve never seen anything like it before.

So it's cool to screech like a monkey for however many years it's over a shitty manga panel just because it makes your special parts tingle for some shitty reason?

Just from this thread, all one guy. He does this every time Kuroko is mentioned. Isn't it sad?

But it isnt screeching. People are allowed to like things you fucking retard. You are screeching because youre asspained that someone likes Kuroko when you dont. Fucking deal with it

You don’t have to remind me. I already know that every single person in these threads likes Kuroko except that one single user.


hurr durr unf unf unf hurrr muh ass shot muh ass shot hurr they better not fuck up muh ass shot is screeching


What kills me was that odd recap was around 6-7 minutes on top of the opening adding another one and a half. Could have easily added the dragon strike, but hey, as it looks good whenever the hell it happens.

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Most of the reviewers that review this series always seem to claim that Kuroko is the best character or one of the best. It never fails. Look for yourself.

as long as it looks good*

Why do they like her so much?

>wanting something to be adapted is screeching
>having expectations is screeching
So where are you when literally anyone expects anything? Where were you when people wanted Misaki underboob? Or Gunha showing up? or literally anything? Why werent you sperging out then?

Because you dont actually care about that and just want to justify your hatred for Kuroko. No need to pretend otherwise

does kuroko not wear fucking underwear or some shit

She’s just overall one of if not the best written character in the series and a lot of people don’t like to admit that but even people who review this series with no favoritism towards any character always seem to agree.

Worth it.

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Reminder that it's probably the same guy that INSISTS Kuroko isn't popular.

I already fixed the image with an edit to make it more realistic but I can’t post it here unfortunately.

People don't screech about Misaki underboob like they do for this stupid ass shot. I don't care how much it tickles your pickle, it doesn't change the fact Kuroko is a shit character.

She’s literally the second most popular girl in the series. She sells the second most merchandise to this day. Type in Raildex merchandise and see what characters pop up the most.

You like her. Don’t worry user. You like her.

>People don't screech about Misaki underboob like they do for this stupid ass shot
But they did. Just stop

user is just pretending that user doesn’t like her because he wants everybody else to leave her alone so he can have her to himself.

>wanting Gunha to show up is equal to screeching for years about an irrelevant ass shot

That’s what people do with Saten as well. I’ve seen it with my own eyes!

>MP is present
>somehow he isn't the most autistic poster in the thread
Sasuga anti-Kuroko sperg.

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I've only seen a few posts about Misaki underboob in comparsion to years of "hnng unngh hnng muh Kuroshit ass"

Thorposter has always been worse. That user literally just tries to cause fights instead of discussing the series. I’ve said this many times before and you all don’t listen.

>dude nice they included the ass shot

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Misaki isn’t as popular this season so that’s obvious. Kuroko is a lot more famous among the anime community. Use your brain.

Look harder then retard

>I like Kuroko but I’m going to pretend that I hate her so that I have less competition and can have her for myself

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And Mikoto too!!!

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Friendly reminder that Kuroko is a good character.

It's embarrassing and disgusting on a primal level. Like watching someone eat a literal turd and talk about how good it is when there's a fridge full of edible food.

Where are her panties

She’s the best character! She’s the BEST ONE!!

Kuroko is a rapist and deserves a Mental Out lobotomy

I’ll accept it

Kuroko would beat Misaki in a 1v1 though.

Just be sure to sperg out this hard about people being excited about Mikoto's ass shot next week. You arent a filthy fucking hypocrite, right?

I have a scat femdom fetish. I want to be forced to eat shit out of a dog bowl and drink a girls piss to wash it all down with.

Cant argue with that. Misaki has a certain way of jobbing that can’t be underestimated.


And that is just as disgusting as these retards that think Kuroko's shitty ass looks good

You don’t. You’d chicken out at the last second.

It takes longer to pull a remote out of a purse and find a button than it does to teleport and take down a girl that’s probably one of the worst fighters in the series compared to one of the best.

I'm getting second hand embarrassment from you

Who’s the strongest ojou-sama?

Yeah and that’s all Homura had to do against Mami and you seen how that turned out.

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*uses ability without the remote and mindfucks everything ins a giant radius*

And I get embarrassment and disgust from Kurokoshitters

Kongou! Kongou! Kongou!

50/50. When she's actually written with some restraint (serious parts of Railgun manga arcs, Index Vol 8, vol 3, etc.) I like her, but it feels like most of her appearances play her as a rapey dyke which is not likeable and gets old.

No I wouldn't. Mainichi ga M! and Starless are my favorite VN's.

Episode was ass as usual/10

Why does Kuroko have a fat ass all of a sudden?

For mikoto's birthday tomorrow, all we got was kuroko

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You’d have the same chance of Kuroko just ending the fight by teleporting something inside of her. Under stress espers can’t use their abilities properly and yet Kuroko wouldn’t do that but then again Misaki wouldn’t do that either.