Kaguya sama

What do you think about this season so far?
OP for the first season was better.

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Pretty spectacular if I must be frank.

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I have thoroughly enjoyed every episode so far. Kaguya is so desperately in love and it's adorable. I want more of pres's thoughts though.

It's way more adorable than the first season, I love seeing Kaguya getting embarrassed and flustered

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I'd give both seasons a 9 desu. Not really much difference in quality to me. I hated the S2 OP at first but it grew on me so hard. The real question is will we get a season 3 or will they think they are milking it at that point.

I don't like the song as much as S1 but the animation is so good I watch it every time. Which is rare for me.

I'm gonna be disappointed at some of the gag chapters they're gonna have to cut for the anime, but yeah, it's still a quality production

It's great stuff, the studio absolutely nails most of the scenes. Only negatives are some small details left out for (obvious) reasons.

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I don't like it as much, the setup really changed and the new opening reflect sit.
S.1 was a two-man show; neither Kaguya nor Miyuki was more central and they were evenly matched in their schemes, trading blow for blow and the opening credits reflected that.
S.1 makes Kayuga the main character and Miyuki just feels like that background character he's trying to scheme against; Miyuki barely has any counter schemes, we don't see his thoughts, and he feels like he lacks agency; even Isigami has has more internal thoughts.

>hating on Daddy Daddy Do

Miyuki wasn't always scheming himself and was more often than not just a reactionary.

How far are they gonna go with the second season? Will we see sports festival?

Not wrong but it's only been three episodes. Hopefully we get more of him.

>What do you think about this season so far?
Overall a better adaptation than the previous one.
>OP for the first season was better.
Nah, current one is better.

Coicidentally, the anime is adapting parts in which Kaguya gets more focus, mostly in her own inner feelings (this is possibly the part of the story where she truly falls in love with him), which expands on more why she fell in love with him.

you raise a fair point

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Please tell me someone made a webm of Kaguya at 23:15 in ep 1, with her wriggling.

You mean like this?

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Fuck yes I mean that. Thanks.

Kaguya a cute

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How cute

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>OP for the first season was better.
weirdly, there's a lot more OP 2 cover on youtube, maybe they also think it's catchy


what a slut

I wanna cuck Prez by fucking Kaguya in front of him

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Second one is rad. Don't like the first guy's voice and the third sounds like a karaoke track backing.

Kaguya has such a small and slender yet toned body, bet she is easy to manhandle

This, I've actually watched the opening animation every week instead of idly looking and just listening.

>tfw you'll never pin Kaguya against the wall and kiss her before she realizes what's happening

do people here REALLY think the current op is better than MISTAH?

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Me again. Now I'm listening to all of her covers. She makes the autotuned garbage Overlord openings fucking amazing.

I've noticed that too, but depending on my mood I wouldn't even call it a flaw, hopefully he'll get his fair share of schemes in future eps.

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