Are there any talented Yas Forumsnons out there?

are there any talented Yas Forumsnons out there?

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Nah, even though they like shitposting any of these guys could write a decent story

>no french

Most of the time I see story idea threads they're full of lazy ideas that are either minor variations on an existing idea, or "subversions" that ruin any sort of narrative. The former are better, but don't leave me with much hope.

What do you get if you win? Serialized? As much as I like drawing, I wouldn't want to kill myself doing that shit 140 hours a week. Jesus christ how horrible

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This. Doing a weekly manga sounds like torture, let alone one for fucking WSJ. Unless you managed to get a comfy no-meddling contract like Togashi did but good luck doing that without a really successful manga already under your belt.

they're not going to force you to run a serialization you autist

if you don't want to don't sign the contract

I will unironically feel second hand embarassment, since I know all the mangaka will be forced to read garbage shounenshit manga made by westerners. We will embarass outselves bros. What should we do?

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All the really bad shit will be thrown out before it reaches the judges.

Disgusting, soon there will be no Japanese people left and manga will just be published directly into those other four languages

Show me one one user that can at least produce art comparable in quality to average doujin on sadpanda

Yeah but why would you enter a contest for a prize you don't want? If you had an idea good enough to win it would be better using it to try and get serialized in a monthly magazine instead.

Probably this, it's not like the nips wouldn't be sending in their fair share of poorly-made junk, even if westerners have no sense of shame and would send more of it.

>What should we do?
Send something good ourselves. Maybe the manga Yas Forums as working on a few days ago could be of use?

>Yeah but why would you enter a contest for a prize you don't want? If
You don't want 20k bucks?

Well that's why the other user was asking in the first place, that obviously changes things. Not that either of us have the talent or skill to get close to winning of course.

>you win!

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wouldn't that just be comics?

>Takehiko Inoue
Motherfucker out here judging instead of finishing Vagabond and Real

>unironically thinking this
The MS paint ones stood a better chance.

You don't think these people have seen EVERYTHING by now?

It's all gonna be Bleach ripoffs and all of them are going to be awful.

Our superior Norman genes would fucking DECIMATE you anglos and spics in any cultural competition. Thats why we're not allowed to compete.

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>Takehiko Inoue
I’d be too embarrassed to submit anything knowing he’d be judging me

I like that project but what makes you think they'd chose our bare bones gaijin 2 page manga over someone who already has finished something

It's probably similar to literary editorial contests, and it goes like this:
There's a prize money, and the option to serialize the manga.
Quite probably the rights of publishing it will be forfeit with your submission, and they'll be free to print it on Shonen Jump or whatever they please. It's unclear wether you'll be free to publish anywhere else on your own or if it'll be exclusive.

Sometimes it's not exclusive rights because that discourages writers to use their best ideas.

I can't wait for Jump to steal bits and pieces of the ideas that come in and come up with a story. Maybe they'll even do one better and outright rip one of the stories and change minor details.

They are probably trying to avoid getting any submissions worth serialization.

>You don't think these people have seen EVERYTHING by now?
No. They will be surprised how fucking garbage and retarded normalfags in the west are. They will have to check some of the most retarded, braindead shit they have ever seen. Imagine all the fucking tumblr/deviantart creators applying for this. It's going to be a fucking disaster..

Back in 2014 or 2015 Jump had an international one-shot chapter contest, and one of our anons here submitted a pretty decent one.

He posted the pages here, unfortunately I didn't save it. It was a comedic story poking fun at isekai/MMORPG cliches

why? pateron exists, and twitter, any aspiring artist can just make their money that way, and on their own schedule, instead of that shitty manga schedule.

I would prefer having an user write something as opposed to a twitter tranny.

In west, contests like these usually also reserve the rights to use submitted works that are rejected ie. steal ideas/use artwork for promotional purposes/etc without any compensation

No you don't get serialized. You just get a cash prize and they print and take ownership of your work and that's it. Maybe you'll get a ribbon or something too

Yeah, literary contests are a level of jewery that stands on their own. But then again, trying to be a writer by any other way that isn't by getting popular on twitter is a waste of time.

Right, which genre will guarantee my victory, shounen isekai?

Drawfags from the drawthreads are really good sometimes. I doubt most of them can deal with the workload though.

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Unironically this; the French adore manga and have a rich indigenous tradition of their own in regard to comics.
Korean and Chinese copies Japanese manga.
Spanish is just JAJAJAJAJAJAJA
English is patrician.

I've seen anons that could pull it off in the past. The problem isn't art quality, it's consistency and speed that really matter for a manga (especially a weekly one).

When Japanese people think of French they think of niggers Pierre.

>pateron exists, and twitter, any aspiring artist can just make their money that way

Maybe, if you do porn

Maybe that don't have anyone who can read French.

Must be why French culture is depicted as sophisticated in Japanese media.

Isekai + battle shoujen would unironically sell well.

What could possibly go wrong?

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They'll be published in Japan, Boichi's work is considered manga even though he is a foreigner who refuses to learn the language

Which ones?

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I'm gonna do it bros!

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Battle Shonen about a young high school boy who comes from a family of priests/nuns and he falls in love with a girl from a family of Shrine maidens/priests.
Together they fight eachother to beat monsters and exorcise demons while having ambiguous feelings for eachother forbidden by their families.
There's an edgy atheist rival in there somewhere who dual-wields pistols to act as the foil to the MC.

There you go, WSJ perfection.

no doubt they will have some no-names screen entries before theyre shown to the big guys
like american idol. most people never made it to simon cowell

I like it, yokaishit with a twist

All the Ouiaboo mangaka aren’t affiliated with SJ

ah, webtoon is finally making WSJ nervous

Because boomers that have never traveled still think Paris is a fairyland. More and more people are realizing what's up with France and Europe in general.

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won't even pass the preliminaries

>English is patrician

go for it bro

I don’t know their names. I only visit those threads occasionally.

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>"He did Dr Stone?!"
>oh, just the artwork.

user, Jump has staff that are specifically paid to promote stuff, if they think you're bankable, they'll pay Nissin mad money to have your manga on their cup noodle ads.

If you don't want to assemble your own team to do the administration, taxes, and promotion, you might consider submitting your work to a corporation. Not an unreasonable approach

Can't any frenchie still apply just writing the application in English?

But will they allow isekai this time? Or are they still butthurt that dr. limp, kek clover and several other Jumpkeks don't even manage to get half the sales of a manga adaptation of a LN isekai?

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I'm on it bros. I am writing about a child getting Isekai'd as a lifting crane

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Because they're going to fast-track it for production. Nothing beats the ol' Monsters with the basic 2 guys and a girl set-up. It's Shonen Jump Gold.

They are, this is why they're targeting the most spoken languages + Korean for proximity I guess.

can't you just write your manga in english?

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Stop speaking the language of the gods then.
The French love of comics is the only reason why I would rate their culture over Anglophone comics, which have degenerated into being consumed by dickless nerds and increasingly feminists.
Open any French-made comic in a store in France and it will be made clear to you how little a fuck the French give for convention.

it's 2020, generation changes. That kind of story won't run shounen jump anymore.

>He doesn't know about KnY

Why would anyone degrade themself to writing their work in english?

Lol delusional

>Anglophone comics, which have degenerated into being consumed by dickless nerds and increasingly feminists.
incidentally, this is why Yas Forums is awful


I feel bad that they will have to read through thousands of terrible DBZ copies

Nothing runs in Shonen Jump anymore.

>need to point to their new cashcow because the other works are all in decline.


I have a whole plot and tons of dialogue for something but my drawing skill isn't that great yet so I haven't started making it into an actual comic/manga.
Its called poopoo peepee samurai, its about a wandering knight who descends from a long bloodline of powerful swordsmen but there's one problem, every time he gets in a fight he shits and pisses his pants out of fear. Over time he learns how to take advantage of his cowardly nature and becomes a living legend, albeit foul smelling. The final scene will be two criminals breaking into a temple and stealing important historic artifacts, bragging about how nobody can stop them. Then one of them says, "ew dude, did you rip ass? It smells like shit in here." The other turns to him with look of morbid realization and says "...shit?"
Cut to both of them begging for forgiveness and running away as fast as possible, the end.
of course, I want my drawing skill to be very good to juxtapose with my shitty writing and create more humor, so you can probably expect the first chapter of poopoo peepee samurai somewhere between 2022-2023.

The worst market I can think of. JAJAJAJAing in the comment sections of anything they consume.

Yas Forums is actually the best board on the site when you aren't in a thread about Avatar or fucking capeshit.