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The Gurugo saga must continue..
After all the mangaka died of covid-19, an autistic imageboard is asked to revive the industry with a "super interesting" masterpiece in a maximum of 2 threads. Will our autistic heroes be up to the task?

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Please, we need to continue the saga of Gurugo Von Bunga.

isekai sells. you guys are free to tell me my idea is shit but its true.

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>user has been transported into another world
>transported into the fantasy world as a baboon
What do?

Why was the previous thread deleted?

A young man keeps recieving private messeges about terrorist attacks that are gonna happen in 2 days,at first he ignores them but after seeing that they're coming true he decides to do something and try to save people from falling victim to these terrorist attacks.The messeges he gets are somewhat criptic so he has to decipher them.All of this results in him being visably jumpy and stressed during the day.
The catch is that the bombs are only set inside of clocks,any kind of clocks,digital,giat so and so forth.
Upon further inspection of the videos from the attacks,the police find that he's always seen there.They interrogate him at first but can't do anything since they haven't found anything on him.They set a private detective to look further into the case.Our main protaganist has to try to save as many people as he can,while avoiding the eyes of the police and detective that are trying to convict him and find out who and why this is happening.

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I have no fucking clue, it was either the mods or OP.

We’re talking about caveman fighting vampire mammoth here.

I doubt it was mods since the original m/a/nga thread as well as VIRAL! threads never got deleted

Nice ant image, also what the fuck happened to Viral? I was preparing a lot of stuff for it but the threads disappeared

i think i may be retarded,elab

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I'll post a thread tommorow, and we'll try doing them on weekends. A lot of progress was made in the last thread.

>MC's best friend is a robot

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That idea is too good for this shit board, I hope you follow through with it because I would buy it

Kind of reminds me a bit of how pic related started

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What's the state of VIRAL!? Hype seemed strong until fags stopped making threads.

My kiss; their come
The story centers around our isekai'd protagonist who has been given the mission of kissing the battle princess of the warfaring country Warberg. The princess has a world eating monster sealed within her that is only released during a climax; incidentally all that's needed to trigger it is the kiss from a loved one. Protagonist is sent as a transfer student to her high school within the neutral zone bordering all the peaceful countries and it is his job to make her fall in love with him and steal a kiss to make the monster sealed within to come out.

It was from the previous thread. Anyways an user thought up Gurugo the Caveman, his first adventure was to kill a carnivorous sauropod to save a baby with his club, then the fight off an carnivorous mammoth.

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Last thread established a lot of backstory and motivations for Legs, a couple of panels were done too. The next one should be mostly about Pompadour and Helichan's backstory and motivations. Also the main "plot" is pretty much set in stone.

a man who has regeneration power gets set on fire by another guy who has fie powers. the flames are special and never go out. the flames killed his sister and he wants to get revenge.

Thanks user,im more motivated to do it now.

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I really like smt games,but i've never actaully played devil summoner.

What was the story so far? Summary?

Reverse isekai
Someone dies on their world and is transported into ours.

It's fucking great. Like Fire Emblem (but better) mixed in with some SMT.

Here you go.

I think I saw a movie like that, but it was about a medival guy being transpotred to the modern world

Fuck like baboons do.

Sounds like Monster or the Fugitive.

did the corona thing die?

Never seen the fugative.
But i've watched 30 episodes of monster,it was pretty good.I see where you're coming from,i was somewhat going for that stressed out mc.

Ghost Rider? Inferno Cop

If you mean the VIRAL! manga, we'll try to make threads on weekends from now on

I'm going trough the second digital devil saga,i'll probably play Devil summoner afterwards,ive heard it praised a lot,even though it plays so unlike other smt games,(with the strategy integration and all)

What happens next? Does he save the baby or doesn't and lives with the thought of the baby on his mind forever.

Wait, are you talking about Devil Summoners or Devil Survivor? Devil Survivor is what I posted earlier. Devil Summoner is great though, the Raidou games are probably my favorite out of all the SMT games.

Finish this and you can send it to the Tezuka Contest

He saved the baby by killing the alien sauropod. When he returned the baby home, he soon found out that the dinosaur was the weakest of the organization. Than a alien mammoth appears to try and kill him, and now Gurugo must kill him with either his fist, a club, a spear, a rock, or his ultimate move, the second club.