Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens

New episode today. How many ass shots will we get this time?

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How long until the episode comes out?

Romin in sports uniform is super cute!
But also, I never noticed that the color is different for boys and girls at Goha 7th.

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Thanks you for best waifu.

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>delayed till further notice
Shadowverse is now the last man standing

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The slow way they put the Phone disk in looks so bad.

>kills the franchise

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News club-kun is pretty cute

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It's the duel disk that gives him a lot of style.

Post pic where he makes the face.

8 hours and 45 minutes.

>Rook Shimbun
I'd read it

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6 month break didn't work out so well.

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6 month break of dueling for whom?

I meant for the anime.

Since the previous show ended? That's alright at least we know the next one is coming in June

That's if you trust the government to be predictable. But on the whole I'd say the break didn't work out.

Of course, at least in the meantime until June there are a bunch of new deck packs including the speed duel sets coming out in Japan

"Rush duel" I meant

We'd better get more ass shots.

No dancing today.

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This is the last one till the delay, right?

Here's a legend card in the waiting.

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Dead thread.
Dead franchise.

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Aoi will revive it!

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But that just makes everyone angry.

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Yeah, that's gonna be cute!