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Has Outlaw Star aged well?

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Like wine.

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it's not shopped is it


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Nipples look like those of a cow

This show was true anime kino, really gave a young man everything you needed from an action adventure genre

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I thought the first few episodes were okay but as soon as the spaceships started fighting each other with white bug bunny fists I dropped it immediately. So fucking stupid.


It has its ups and downs. It does look amazing in HD. And the cast is pretty fun. My biggest problem is that it ends kinda super fast and on a note that there will be a sequel. And not counting that spinoff, we never got a proper conclusion.

I felt the ending had a good way of presenting a sequel or an open ending

Aisha was really the best.

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The art design is inspired and the story is fun and engaging without taking itself too seriously. Personally I've never experienced the sense of adventure that OS gave me in any other anime ever since.

>bug bunny
Opinion discarded

based long featureless nipples made for milking

This show really has a special place in my heart. I don't know if it's nostalgia talking or what, but I'll always cherish it even though it's not necessarily a perfect show. I think this user really hit it on the nose I wish there was some way we could see a show with the same kind of "feeling" as Outlaw Star again but that would be way easier said than done. This also might be the only show in existence where I prefer the English dub to the original, mainly for the voices of Gene and Aisha. They really own those parts and I think Gene Starwind is the only lead role that Bob Buchholz has ever had but he just makes it work. The original voices aren't bad by any means but they're not generally not as interesting.

Pick one.

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Borwn all the way.


Not even a competition, spunky loving brown girl vs boring and boring 2


Two in pink, one in brown.

Good riddance. How can you post hardcore hentai like that.

>hardcore hentai
What? There was no hentai in that post.

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It's basically a perfect "flawed" anime with its flaw only being there's a semi episodic format so some plotlines are not as interesting as others, and there's nothing inherently unique about the setup and no standout unique writing.

But, there's also no show with the same ragtag group that's very ragtag on par with FFVII's random ass cast, going on a space adventure that's actually cyber punk, diesel punk, steam punk, neo Confucianism Shinto shit with punch robots which is both a silly but somehow practical looking idea and the main character is somehow vulnerable, cocky and competent while having a sex drive but not being hentai pervert harem man so you inherently enjoy following his story. On top of the unique ship gimmick, everyone in the group have some specialized JRPG gimmick gave fights some quick but diverse dynamics with the elite hacking, samoorai that can cut anything, super strength weretigerwolf thing, and a trump card gun that shoots magic.

The show basically just oozes distinct cool, but it's surprisingly slow paced on a rewatch and I tend to notice zoomers take notice of it pretty fast since they're dripfed dopamine fixes faster today, even if they like it they may point it out. Same way a lot of 80s action flicks by today's standards are somewhat methodical and buildup based outside of set pieces compared to scene to scene of modern action films.

Great summary. I don't think I could have put it better myself.

weird how the manga got like 3 chapters scanlated and then nothing else ever again. you'd think there'd be SOMEBODY out there who gave enough of a fuck.

Is it weird that I want to have sex with the brown girl in the OP pic? She's not supposed to be the attractive one of the bunch.

Yeah, she was clearly designed to be unattractive with no sex-appeal whatsoever.

Ep 23 was pretty neat

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