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Best OTP!
Chapter won't be for a long while. Get in here, its gonna be a tough week.

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I love you One Piece anons!

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Why did he ditch this godly outfit for the bathrobe?

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Bros... the chapter... you told me it was early...

No, you get next week! You go now!

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The dynamic duo!
Cute olga-user

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I love you NOT, fuck you ahahahahah

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Based and zorobin pilled

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Does anyone actually respect Kaido?

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>TobiRoppo : Kaido what is the super important mission that you summoned us here for?
>Kaido : Huh, what are you guys doing here? Oh well how bout you go look for my son.
>TR : W-what?
>King : Oh right I was the one who called you guys. I was merely pretending to be Kaido so you'll obey me, now go searching!
>TR : You called us here just to look for your stupid zoomer son!?
>Kaido : C'mon I'll even let you guys beat up Jack as a reward, now get going!
Literally housemaids lmfao

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we need more cute AU

His son, secretly

Explain this

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Women are weak.

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based jobber jack

Luffy vs Blackbeard
Zoro vs Shiryu
Ussop vs Van Augur
Brook vs Lafitte
Sanji vs Vasco
Jinbei vs Jesus
Chopper vs Doc Q
Nami vs Catarina
Robin vs Sanjuan Wolf
Franky vs Avalo
Carrot vs the unnamed captain

No man likes to see a pretty woman suffer. It's like with children.

Nice bazongas

Robin is a woman

>Carrot vs the unnamed captain

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Why is Luffy's reaction so fucking hilarious

I love them!!

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>Robin vs Sanjuan Wolf

Carrot vs aokiji
snow vs ice

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Sanjuan vs franky makes more sense

A couple

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Will tag-team fights ever happen again? Aside from Kaido raid battle I mean

Imagine shipping the crew's used good to the main character

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but the last snow logia was killed with ice...

user, stop, you're making me cringe

>HIS woman

>being the manlet in the relationship

shut the FUCK UP

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why would there be a bookcase out in the elements on a boat?
those books are gone the first rough weather.

Sanjuan got nothing on Robin's giant limbs!

>Will tag-team fights ever happen again?
>Aside from the tag team fights that are about to happen I mean.

>Shhhh Zoro is sleeping


Enel: I noticed

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Don't speak ill of Zoro.

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Still the best zorobin gif

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It died with the timeskip. It's Luffy X Princess harem + Hancock seething now.

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Okay, I liked it.

Luna never existed to begin with

what are luffy and nami beating up sanji for? i dont get the second half

Oda sempai, please help my friend Sanji

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Thread reminder that Vivi will rejoin the crew and get the Nikyu fruit

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TS Usopp X TS Nami is where it's at.

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>ooc cringefest
no thanks

We always knew Zoro was a sexist and a bit onions-ish. The simp ranking in the crew is Sanji>Zoro>Jinbei>Franky

Luffy and Brook are the only 100% men

Nami sent Sanji flying cause he tried to kiss Robin
Luffy i don't know, maybe Sanji landed on him or something


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>Franky shares Sanji’s theme color of blue
>Brook shares Sanji’s gag of being a pervert
>Jinbe shares Sanji’s role of being a weaponless DF-less fighter

Here comes a challenger

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Better then Toei animation

Yes but now it's a negative existence.

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>Vivi will join the crew
>get the nikyu fruit
probably not. even if there was some reason she couldn't/wouldn't just send people flying away it's still too overpowered for a protagonist to have

Oda is sexist

Luna is just a somewhat cool crackship. At no point would it make sense

Sanji is spot-on.

>Thinking that Carrot will join
>thinking that she'll be able to fight a titanic captain

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Sanji's arcs - 2
Zoro's arcs - 0
the end.

Based. Easily a better canon dynamic too.

Wait, you were being serious?

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Robin is for Franky's piston though.

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...You tell me

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Post yfw every interaction of any SH with any attractive female is cucking Sanji.

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Now it's not even cool.

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>No hands
Artist's struggle

>still too overpowered
Hana hana? Plus this is the future pirate king crew, they are supposed to be broken
Then you're pretty retarded, the guy's nickname is literally "Battleship", you cant make it more obvious that he is Franky's fight

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sad panda

Nami has a shit dynamic with most of the SH

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Zoro's arc is every arc because Luffy, Zoro and Nami are the most important Strawhats

zorobin never stops

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Ah yes, an OTP I can get behind.

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they just get into a casual fight seems like

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I'd take zorofag-sanjifag shitposting over this
At least they were funny

You must be a child if you think two retards spamming "cope" and "seething" alongside wojaks is funny.

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>beauty and the beast
My girl Robin deserves better than that ugly mf. Chads like Zoro are her thing.


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This. Timeskip it devolved into pathetic aggressive bitch and clueless mc dynamic. I actually agree with user usopp x Nami might be a better match