If your childhood friend you hadn't seen in over 7 years becomes a cute/ sexy tomboy girl would you fall for her?

If your childhood friend you hadn't seen in over 7 years becomes a cute/ sexy tomboy girl would you fall for her?

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>gender bender
she is cute, maybe a good manga to fill the hole Boku Girl have left behind

Chapter 2 raw

>tranny propaganda
You'll never be a real woman

What I don;t get with these gender bender series is the ultra high rates of bullying they would receive from other actual girls, feels completely unrealistic, they should be snivelling messes crying in the girls toilets.

*is the lack of

It's not a tranny tho isn't it? Some bullshit Sexual Reversal Syndrome where the guy/girl gets completely changed to the opposite gender instead of some stupid surgery that makes you some frankenstein monster.

so it's basically a girl that dreamt it was a boy...

Magically turning female ≠ Cutting off dick

>Some bullshit Sexual Reversal Syndrome
so just made-up shit excuse for another coomer manga

A cop-out, yes. The author doesn't have the guts to make a real tranny manga.

Eww. Real trannies are disgusting. No one actually wants fake women, retard.

Did I say I wanted one?

No one wants to read a manga centered about a fake women

I don't have a childhood girl friend but yes.

We were engage but have to break it up because we moved far apart. Would she even like me, a skinny worthless neet.

>-oomer meme
back to wherever you came from, Yas Forumsigger

Maybe? If she truly loves you then she wouldn't care about appearances.

How is that even a question?

This gave me a good chuckle


Not everyone can go full Amanoja9 or Mogiki Hayami.

>tranny backpedals by calling someone Yas Forums because it's the only other board he knows on 4channel

>Mogiki Hayami
Is it too much to ask the hung shemale to fuck the trap instead of the small-dicked trap fucking the huge shemale?

You'll have to go to Ikikuichi Monji for that.

This series actually has potential to be a good/ well written genderbent story