Anime becomes what it satired

>anime becomes what it satired

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Name 1 (one) show that do this


One Punch Man

It was never a satire or a subversion, why do people think this

One Punch Man

The correct word is "satirized", you imbecilic retard. Didn't you learn anything at school?

The Japanese are incapable of writing satire.

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Kill la Kill

objectively wrong

Fuck off ivory tower leftist.

Madoka was always just a magical girl show.

It's sad that Yas Forums is overrun by ESLs now... Less anime and more studying, I guess?

This was never satire, it wasn't even a parody.

>lighthearted take on [genre]
>makes a couple of jokes about [genre]
>zomg what a brilliant satire [genre] btfo
>makes jokes about other things
>wtf this just became a normal [genre] show

because all they know about mahou shoujo is that sailor moon is a thing that exists and that it is for little girls

I would say zombieland saga but I was probably wrong expecting a parody due to the wacky premise
great show btw


kill yourself


Kill la Kill

I didn't vote for you.

when were discordniggers allowed to post?

One Punch Man

Why do people think that just because a show i a parody means that it will spend every single second of the whole series constantly parodying. It's gunna have to have a bit of normal stuff in it or its just a gag show with no real story.

yea this. most of the shit people listed is just the genre its parodying, but just because it makes jokes at it's own expense they think it can't be said genre


>anime isn’t satirizing anything but pseuds on Yas Forums who are too big for their britches assume it is, and get mad when it turns out it isn’t after all


Applies more to the fanbase than the series