Do it, user

Do it, user

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What a slut.

No, I don't think I will

shut up negro


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>he doesn't know
The mad man DID it

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Don't feel like it

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no way fag



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Lewder than asking for a kiss

Absolute madlad

welp guess its time for more drama, I kind of hate it, all this build up to"no hes a responsible adult but hes just in a lot of stress and taking the chance to relax" and now they do end updoing/being what the cast was accusing them of but were denying it.

PARALLEL underaged sex soon

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but not as lewd as hand holding

Isn't this their second kiss? I think I recall an earlier chapter when Koto quickly stole a short kiss on Kyousuke, before he could realise what was going on.

The mangaka played and livestreamed Undertale last week from start to finish:
Also I think is from

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>dat pic

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Holy shit. I was worried the romance angle was being dropped because of these last couple chapters but holy fucking based.

look at those eyes

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I forget, was it ever mentioned specifically what his company does? I thought it was something like property development, involving architects and such.

HEADPAT ?!!?!!

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No, it's furniture manufacturer, my dear speedreader

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>furniture manufacturer
Really? Hmmm, must've forgotten.
Not really, it's just that the space between chapters have been very long and the translation very sporadic that it's been so long that I've forgotten.

Would you?

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>Really? Hmmm, must've forgotten.
it's in chapter 2, lad

This is such a specific japanese male fantasy
No girl would like being patted.
Most males would not get any arousal out of it.

But I'm not ready to get married yet...

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Koto’s mom in shambles

I mean, if they didn't go through with it, it wouldn't be as fun. We know whats likely to happen if they didn't.

Mom sends shit to his bosses, the old man denies it and easily can because the sender has no proof. Even if she sends in the letter it just proves the daughter has a crush on him. They lay low for awhile until its legal.

The story would've ran dry quick if it simply didn't go in that direction and would've died on a less than climatic note. Its unironically better they went this route.

How did you know?


I sacrifice...