Key X PA Work new project anncoument stream

Coming soon in 10/5

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Another flop

Is this the new Jun Maeda show or Summer Pockets adaptation?

>Key + PA works

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>X PA Work
Fuck this shit.

>Key x PA Works
Dare I say... Key-no?

Why people looking forward to this?
Jun maeda literally worst than Okada.


After how disappointing Angel Beats and Charlotte were I'm not keeping my hopes up.

The new Maeda show probably. If any studio's gonna animate Summer Pockets it will most likely be Bibury not P.A.Works.

PA works has been making garbo after garbo

The AB charlotte twitter also tweeted
>「Angel Beats!」から10年、「Charlotte」から5年。会見にて発表される新プロジェクトとは一体…!?

So they gonna do a Charlotte and Angel Beat announcement during the stream as well. pls give me more of my wife

I feel silly for giggling at this post. Well done, user.

>another PA Works show that falls apart after few eps

I don't know much Japanese, but I think what it's actually saying is that it's been ten years since Angel Beats and five years since Charlotte.

Summer pockets was not written by Maeda

PA Works have done tons of great shows, but all of their Key collaborations have been dismal. But I still have hope.

Ayy my soul is ready for new Jun kun melodrama

>10 years after "Angel Beats!" and 5 years after "Charlotte". What is the new project that was announced at the press conference...?

Yea, the first bit does say that. The other bit is saying something like "What's the new project that has been announced at the conference?" or something like that. Well, it's probably nothing. I just want more Nao my dude.

>I just want more Nao
good taste

>True Tears
>Hanasaku Iroha
>Nagi no Asukara
Fuck you, all of these were great.

I can already tell that when it does come out it's going to be praised as the best thing ever even if it ends up being a rushed mess like Charlotte was. At this rate you can just slap Key's name on anything and it people will say it's good regardless of the actual quality, and I say this as someone who used to like Key anime and whose favorite anime is Clannad.

I won't be surprised if they would adopt Angel Beats Heaven's Door. If it becomes their next project, it would be a sign that the Angel Beats VN may still be under development.

I honestly fell hard for that girl, she's the best thing that happened to me.

Kyou ever after when?

Boy, I sure am excited for another 12 episode 1-cour adaptation written by Maeda Jun that will have all its subplots concluded in a matter of three episodes to rush to the ending as fast as possible.

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god i miss iroduku. what a satisfying ending, which is rare coming from japan


>never got to see her friends again
>no mention of what happened to them in the future apart from the author
>satisfying ending

Who are you quoting?

Why did PA Work? Because Jun Maeda show.

I love Key but I can't be hype for this, not after the shitshow that was Charlotte. The only thing I can look forward to is good music.

>Jun Maeda
Why people keep praising them