Who has longer legs? Asuka or Rei? Alternatively, who has wider hips?

Who has longer legs? Asuka or Rei? Alternatively, who has wider hips?

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Bodywise there's isn't much difference, I'd hazard a guess that Asooka has got slightly longer legs and Rei has got slightly wider hips.
But Rei is cuter and has got a milder, sweeter demeanour

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I want to kiss Rei while impregnating her in the missionary position

Rei has an incredibly lewd body

Rei has the best hips.

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>that gap
Literally made for loving consensual breeding

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What would happen if Rei and Kaworu fucked

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kaworu to both.

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It's harmless, they both need their original angel bodies to start an impact.

so no baby angels?

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Patrician thread right here. Legs don't get enough attention these days.

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Reisuka or Asukei?

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Rei is made for one piece swimsuits only

They are infertile anons, Rei can't bleed and Kaworu's cum is probably infertile too.
It's because they are artificial beings I guess.

Though not sure if it's still the case if they are at full power, for exemple Rei III can generate her own AT field unlike Rei II and combined with Adam she can regenerate her body to the infinite. So maybe she can become fertile and Kaworu is actually fertile too.

There is really something very lewd in Rei.

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Wow you're spot on. But the difference is soooo slight.

rei doesnt bleed because angels dont have periods, like avians or reptiles or fish.

i'm sure she's actually fertile, just not compatible with humans (seeing as gendo didnt manage to get her pregnant).

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It’s her eyes.

It’s her resemblance to Yui.

Imagine turning your wife back into a teenager and then having sex with her

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Gendo has an ambiguous relationship with her. It seems that he considers Rei II mostly like his daughter. However when she dies, it's like he started to make the relationship sexual with Rei III. Explaining why Ritsuko became mad, not because she was humiliated but because she also realized Gendo has now sex with Rei III, which is an abomination.

It also explains why Rei III hate him, she has still the memories of Rei II in her mind.

Jesus Christ has no-one in this thread actually watched Eva?
Gendo cloned his wife so that Shinji can finally have a chance to shag his mom like he always wanted, in repentance for having abandoned Shinji as a child. Unfortunately Shinji rejected his kindness and chose to live the normie life with Asuka because Anno thinks having an Oedipus complex is weird and gross for whatever reason

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It's not that, Anno is an artist, obviously leftist and probably hate traditionnal Japan. So he hate Yamato nadeshikos womens like Rei and pretend normal womens should behave like the western ones, pretty much like Asuka who doesn't wants childrens, wants a career even if it make them unhappy and are constantly talking shit to dudes.

Anno's depression for the most part was because his wife quit him, we found the same on Gendo, this is the most retarded reason to be depressed, especially when you have a kid.