Yas Forums draws a best selling manga

After all the mangaka died of covid-19, an autistic imageboard is asked to revive the industry with a "super interesting" masterpiece in a maximum of 2 threads. Will our autistic heroes be up to the task?
>Last two digits decide the genre:
0 Ecchi
1 Historical
2 Isekai
3 Mecha
4 Music
5 School
6 Seinen
7 Shoujo
8 Shounen
9 Sports
Let's start with our MC

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>historical shounen

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let's not get ahead of ourselves here, try to walk before you can run, try for a two panel before gag comic first.

He's shitting on the viral thing so I think he means just a short story
Rerolling for genre, if dubs genre is decided by first two digits

OP here, yes, I meant like the first thread yuki.la/a/202096141 just shitposting not trying to make a serious manga or whatever

I'm thinking perhaps adapting an Yas Forums thread into manga form. I think that'd be fairly funny.

Apparently I've missed these threads, what actually happened? can someone give a summary?

I already have a finished story I made during my shitposting schizoposting runs on some discord server. Ik this is a meme thread but I am legit thinking about formatting and editing it so that it looks like a proper story. Dunno what sites I can post it on tho. I was thinking of making it a webcomic or smth but I draw like a mongoloid 1st grader.

>Historical shounen
He is a caveman rejected by his tribe as the only things he does is stare at cave paintings and discuse them with other tribe rejects by shouting anonimously into the distance

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Anime depicting this: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Byzantine–Sasanian_War_of_602–628

I think it was last week, this thread was made
and some anons tried to turn it into a serious manga made by Yas Forums or whatever, these are the threads that were made after the original:
It's a cool idea but I don't think Yas Forums is suited for it, I find these single threads to be more entertaining

What is his motivation

What is your motivation?

>Seinen sports
Or if it's doubles...
4channel is sure trying to tell us something today.

That he’s Gurugo, he just likes talking about paintings that show big deer being bludgeoned by club.

legosi my broski

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Honestly, there seemed to be quite a lot of anons that seriously wanted to create VIRAL. There seemed to be quite a lot of effort into the ideas and some of the art that was posted, as well.

oh shit yea

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I myself really enjoyed the theme and everything that we decided but it only took one day for it to die. I'd be down to continue the project but can think of any way to organize anons to do it. Only thing we know is that the editors model was flawed

It seemed that whenever there was a thread, the thread would be fairly active. I bet right now if that Yas Forumsditor tripfag made a thread right now, it would reach bump limit in a matter of less than 12 hours. The only reason it died was because anons stopped making threads of it, and nobody was willing to make threads.

I mean I can't blame them, unless they are neets three of four people can't be consistently in Yas Forums for no one knows how many time. Also they were doing the docs and gthering user ideas it was too much work for only them to do it. If it were a way to make it trully collaborative with all anons participating equally maybe it could be done

I suggested them to make an irc or something of that sort, and I really supportive of my suggestion, but everyone else really seemed to be against the idea and wanted to keep everything in the threads. I just wanted it to be easier to collaborate.

I’ma bump just for this thread.

Oh no! A dinosaur is approaching a tribe baby? Will Gurugu bravely protect it proving himself useful or will he return to his cave?

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Why does that herbivore have predatory teeth?

Maybe they were never truly herbivore and they have just been playing nice for sweet oportunities like this

It's an alien

That's why Gurugu is freaking out so much

He must either save the baby or die by the alien.

3rd option is to kill the alien and cook it for dinner.

What is this? A visual novel?

With either a spear, a club, a rock, or his bare hands.

Yeah it is disgusting but only us can do it
We can go better and go gondola instead.
We also already have the material /wsg/ anons provided.
>Gondola is the perfect methaphor to our situation, in many ways
>he appears in various places, all over the world, throughout time with no effort at all. Incredible, right? Just like us really with a swoop of a button we can view any piece of art, historical event with hardly lifting a finger. Just like gondola. Able to be anywhere. See anything.
>but he is powerless to act. He has no arms. Only legs which we could abuse to be its shounen superpower He is a silent observer all he can do is one thing to the next. He cannot interact with the thing he sees, he is powerless to the tragedy that have long happened even though he may revisit them again and again.

We observe, we comment. We carry on, we cannot do much else.
And like him we have no point to be sad. To worry things we cannot change would drive us mad. There is much to see, afterall. Even if you cannot touch.

Last digit decides:
0-3 hands
4-6 club
7-9 rock
Second to last digit decides if it succeeds
0-4 Succeed
5-9 Fail

I prefer not involving gondola in this, it's such a pure creation

So he succeeds attacking with a club?

Yeah figures, we could do reverse gondola to gruggo superpower. As a caveman he could go to near future yet powerless to act. That'd make a chance in writing a best selling one-shot. Now we only need good writing.

The secret Yas Forums server is discord gg 2hc3gS6
We will interview Junji Ito this week, join....

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