What is her archetype?

What is her archetype?

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Calm loli.


Goku's wife

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So cute and my wife

user's wife

Rize my wife pls

I hate you Rize-san!

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My cute wife.

My wife's friend.

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pretty boy

Chino has so many husbands wow

They aren't friends. What makes you think they're friends?

Your wife's friend is my wife.

Daughter/wife or as I've recently taken to calling her, daughter+wife.

Rape victim

by me

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Best girls from their respective shows.

My wife Chino is so cute

Kuudere loli. Aka the best archetype to come out of manga/anime.


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Deadpan loli

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God she was hot
>Black ribbon choker

Young wife.

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having many husbands

amazing vn, shit anime adaptation

Is this the high IQ thread?

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I can neither confirm nor deny this.

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yes i have a lot of iqs

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