Here it is aquafags, no one won in the end

here it is aquafags, no one won in the end

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Sorry for being a retard but I got completely lost in the end
>Kazuma asks if a goddess count as a cheat
Is it?

>Kazuma gets revived and comes back with Eris
>Aqua then descends and cries about being left behind.
>Kazuma mumbers he did have a way to get Aqua back

>Epiloque is from Eri's pov: Kazuma is back in heaven
>Megumin together with Yunyun
>Darkness getting gangs of suitors
>Kazuma got kicked out of the house
Didn't he died in the real world? Also, what? Did he returned back to Japan or stayed in the isekai world?

>Recorded Heaven as teleport location
>that's how he was going to get Aqua back
You can abduct goddesses?

A more detailed summary of the ending for this retard:

After going for the mutual kill with the Demon King, Kazuma appears in the afterlife.
Aqua and Eris are there, which Kazuma takes as a sign he really won.
Aqua gives him the standard spiel about how he's dead and can now either reincarnate as a baby in the Konosuba world, the same but back in Japan, or go to heaven. She talks over Kazuma asking what happened to the others the whole time.
She bursts into tears by the end and has to let Eris take over. Kazuma realizes it's because he's dead for real this time; he looks down and half his body is transparent.
He's okay with it, since he accomplished what he set out to do, but Eris explains that Aqua poofed back into Heaven as soon as Kazuma killed the demon king.
Kazuma realizes this means Darkness and Megumin don't know he's dead, and that they're probably going to go looking for him as soon as they stop panicking over Aqua vanishing. Everyone in Axel will probably join too. Hell, a lot of people are going to be looking for him.
Kazuma feels like shit over not at least saying his goodbyes, but judging by Aqua's sobbing there's nothing that can be done about it.
Then Eris says that since Kazuma defeated the Demon King, he gets some different choices than normal.
First, like usual he can go to heaven.
Second, he can go back to Japan as himself, get enough money to live comfortably for the rest of his life, and marry the waifu of his drea- she can't finish this one because Aqua starts getting uncomfortably eager and close.
Third, you guessed it, he can come back to life no strings attached.
Aqua is visibly excited, and Kazuma bemoans she looks like she already knows what he'll pick.
He thinks it's too early for him to go to heaven, but the Japan offer sounds sweet. And the more he thinks about it, the worse the Konosuba world seems.
"So what will you pick?"
"Send me back to the worthless world I hate so much."

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Eris and Aqua are both happy, and the latter urges Eris to hurry up and send them back so they can reassure Megumin and Darkness.
But Eris can't send Aqua back.
Aqua starts sobbing and shakes Eris a ton. She also steals one of her pads.
Kazuma reminds them that he gets a wish granted for defeating the Demon King.
Aqua starts worrying he's gonna wish for something stupid like becoming a God or ruling the entire universe.
Eris is sure he won't do that, but he'll probably ask to make a harem out of all the girls he knows.
He actually likes the harem idea, but he already knows what his wish is: he wants a cheat.
Eris immediately gets where he's going, and starts giving the spiel about what he can ask for.
Aqua was all ready to volunteer herself, but gets cold feet when she thinks about how Kazuma's life really would be easier with a proper cheat.
Kazuma thinks that's weirdly self-aware of her and wishes she was always like that.
But of course he asks if he can take a goddess.
Everyone's happy and Aqua gets back to begging Eris to hurry up and send them back.
They both cast Resurrection on Kazuma and his body comes back... naked.
Aqua freaks out, which Eris thinks is weird since she's seen him in the buff so many times already.
Seems Kazuma's excalibur has grown.
The new arrangement is that Aqua can go back to heaven whenever. But Eris is sure that Aqua won't be coming back anytime soon.
Meanwhile Kazuma and Aqua are arguing over who was more vital to defeating the Demon King.
Eris asks for Kazuma to state his wish, and looking at her Kazuma thinks how much of a main heroine she is.
Meanwhile Aqua's raving about all the stuff she's gonna do when she gets back.
Kazuma makes his wish...!

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>Kazuma casting explosion
Everything will be worth it for this moment.

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Before he knows it, he's back at the Demon King's throne room.
Darkness and Megumin (Yunyun's there too) rush over to greet him, but stop confused.
"Um... Who's that?"
"This is THE famous goddess Eris. I brought her with me instead of the reward for beating the Demon King."
Aqua comes down in a pillar of light, crying very loudly. Kazuma starts yelling at her because he was going to go pick her up eventually.
Seeing the two arguing makes Megumin and Darkness finally relax.
Then Kyouya's harem interrupts to remind them that Kyouya is seriously injured and needs healing.
Yunyun also notices that the Demon King's main army is back, with his daughter in the lead.
Aqua is still sobbing, Darkness is staring very closely at Eris' face, and Megumin is spamming Explosion on the enemy army.
Kazuma is done with today and asks Yunyun to teleport the others back to Axel. Kazuma will teleport himself.
She does it in batches, but Aqua resists hers because she wants to talk to Kazuma.

"So... Well, you know me... I'm not exactly divinely wise, you know?"
"Yeah, I'd say you're an idiot. That all?"
For an instant, Aqua grit her teeth, but she let it go.
"...Well, that's the problem. I can't find any good words to say this with, so I'll just say one."
"What the hell is it?! Seriously, hurry up! Can't you hear the footsteps outside?!"
The sound from outside the room was heading this way and getting louder.
Watching me panic, Aqua made a carefree smile and said:
...I never thought the day would come that Aqua, of all people, would surprise me.

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Eris is chilling out in the afterlife waiting room when Kazuma pops in and starts relaxing.
They chat, and incidentally give each other the okay to drop honorifics since they're familiar with each other now. Not that they do this.
Eris asks why Kazuma's here, since as far as she can tell the world is peaceful.
The Demon King dying weakened all the monsters, so she's curious how Kazuma died this time.
Kazuma dodges the question and just says he got kicked out of his mansion again. He fills Eris in on what everyone's up to.
Megumin and Yunyun have been teleporting off somewhere so Megumin can fire off an explosion. He's a little worried where.
Eris decides not to say that they've been going to the Demon King's castle.
Darkness' family was granted a new territory for her role in defeating the Demon King, and she's been flooded with marriage requests from all over. Recently she's taken shelter at a mansion (hers? Kazuma's? Don't know) to get away from them.
Eris mentally complains about how Kazuma's talking like it's someone else's problem when he knows full well why Darkness is refusing. She wishes Darkness luck, both with her love rivals (specifically Megumin and Iris) and with just dealing with Kazuma.
Aqua chased Kazuma out of the mansion, telling him to stop being an idiot. He is not amused at the irony.
Eris asks what he did, and Kazuma sheepishly explains that he let the glory get to him a little and decided he'd make a harem. As a joke!
Eris is not amused.[/spoiler]

Well I fucked that spoiler tag up. Oh well, it's pretty much the same as the WN ending anyways.

Eris tells Kazuma to just relax until Aqua calls him back. But that's not happening, because Kazuma's not dead.
Turns out when he came here last time, just before the final battle, he registered the place as a Teleport spot. He didn't think it would work, but turns out it did.
(Incidentally, this was how he was going to go back to fetch Aqua.)
Eris is not amused.
Kazuma starts plotting what he'll do to Aqua when he gets back, and meanwhile Eris ponders him, his struggles, his accomplishments, and how much fun he's having.
Eris thinks Kazuma deserves at least a slight reward, so he'll never regret staying in this world.
Something to protect him, so he can continue to love this Wonderful World more and more.
"I bless you! [Blessing]!"

The author's afterword has them briefly mention the attack on Axel and the attack on the imperial city, each focusing on the rest of the cast. Basically the whole cast was going to show up again, and given Dust v7 is a thing we probably at least got the attack on Axel. I don't know yet since I haven't read it though. It's all very interesting sounding, but the author decided it was out of the scope of this story.

They also note that they have some ideas for where to take the romantic angle, giving a quick outline: Kazuma was all set to take Megumin up on her offer of post-victory sex, when all of a sudden he gets word that he has the right to marry Iris now. Who is even more of a brocon after narrowly surviving the attack on the capital because Kazuma killed the Demon King just in time. Shenanigans ensure.

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I mean, it's not a bad ending per se, but it's just lazy and a copout. The afterword about how It'd be nice to maybe write more one day just smells of appeasing the angry part of the fanbase too.

But does Komekko become the next Demon Lord?

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Jetchad, I kneel

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I really don't like unconcluded ends, they are not ends at all

The story's concept was a party of morons getting together, growing closer, and overcoming the Demon King. So the story ends when they defeat the Demon King.

It's only not a conclusive ending if you "read" the series by going off Yas Forums posts.

>Kazuma was all set to take Megumin up on her offer of post-victory sex, when all of a sudden he gets word that he has the right to marry Iris now.
And there you go, the final blueballs. Should've at least filled up Megumeme before gunning for the loli of destruction.

>Kazuma was all set to take Megumin up on her offer of post-victory sex, when all of a sudden he gets word that he has the right to marry Iris now.
But why? I doesn't make any sense to me.

Did you snooze through the Iris volumes?

So what happened to the lich?

So the girls have something against harem ending?

Why are Aquafags spamming threads claiming she won when in fact the LN got an open ending?

Still doing fine in Axel, beyond an embarrassing misunderstanding in volume 13 where she thought someone challenging her for her position in the Demon King's army was asking her out.

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>why are aquafags retarded

So basically, it's actually Megumin, but the author wanting Kazuma being retarded, copped it out.

Why do authors do this? I mean he already made Kazuma and Megumin a big deal and then just stops in the end.

To prevent other people from getting mad like every other time someone wins

Regardless of who gets together with MC, nobody wins, because MC is absolutely not a prize. He's not fun to be with, he can't be relied on, his mental facilities are lacking.

Kazuma has never fully committed to Megumin. It's an "I am a virgin who will say yes to anyone" kinda thing, and while he pays lip service to how he should be faithful he literally instructs Darkness how to rape him so he can claim he didn't *willingly* cheat on Megumin. He even turns down sex with her because it just wouldn't feel right without Aqua around.

If you consider that a set-in-stone relationship, then you're probably still stuck on volume 5's ending. Which does a wonderful job explaining why Megumin loves Kazuma, but you'll note doesn't do the same the other way around.

Frankly, Kazuma isn't mature enough for a real relationship yet.

I didn't know the series was this close to ending. So now there's not only zero romantic closure but also no hope for a new season.

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So, Iris won?

so... who won ?

Why is winning so important to Yas Forums?

no one
but Yas Forumsnons lost

Because it's an easy source of (you)'s.

He married Iris.

wtf ?
why didn't Megumin win ?
wasn't it hinted everywhere ?
where the fuck does Iris ship comes from ???

i would have been fine even with an harem ending btw, but Iris and Kazuma ? how the fuck ??

Aquafags won, not because they think Aqua truly won but because Megumin didn't win like everyone very wrongly believed.

Because my life is so bad and desperate that my only source of emotional fullfilment is seeing my favourite characters being happy.

Yeah he can fuck himself the lazy hack. That is a literal copy paste of the original. So konosuba dies like this.

It was hinted strongly that Kazuma doesn't care for megumin like megumin cares for Kazuma, at this point both Aqua and Iris have given him tiny reasons to ignore megumin when she wants to fuck and he's happily taken them.
Also Iris has been a dead obvious contender as long as Kazuma defeats the demon lord like he has, you must have been speedreading to not see any of this coming.

From volumes 6, 10, 16, Masked, Explosions 4, and Explosions 5.

Which I'm sure you read, right?