Which are the most sudden and unexpected brutal moments in anime?

Which are the most sudden and unexpected brutal moments in anime?

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Guillotine gorilla

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This show was so disappointing and and is a textbook example of how not to adapt an ecchi manga.

You just had to remind me about this, didn't you? It still hurts

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This one really hurt.

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is she ok

What was his actual name again?

Malicious monkey


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This really shocked me.
I didn't expect something like this in a ecchi OVA series.

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>t. spoiled newfag

Entire 1st episode of Ga Rei Zero

Yes she regrowth it

Wanted to post Phos dissolving inside the snail into eyeballs and crystals but couldn't find any gifs or screens of it, so have Antarc getting sniped.

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Chopper Chimp

Slicer Simmian


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this clip needs sound so you can hear the bones and armor crunching as it chews

Most of the deaths in Fafner were really sudden and brutal.

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narutaru bully scene

what is this?

Cross no Pico

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Did she died?

What's this from?

Only a true monster would aim directly for the dick.

Did you try using saucenao?

Symphogear telegraphed that it does this from time to time, from its executing a character in the first five minutes of the first episode, to its mismatch between the story and the art style. The transformation sequence in the first episode screams "Alien Nine", not "Pretty Cure".

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Because they removed the tits?

Sage hat do you mean? I see big tits in the OP webm.