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Yas Forums, I fed a girl a jelly donut and now she's looking at me like this.

Wat do?

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Cope or do smt to distract her

i don't remember this scene

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Dumb sick babby

I can’t believe our babu caught covid-19.

I blame the dumb imouto

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What happened to Kokkoro?

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Cow cameo when

>wanting that turboslut VA to pollute the anime

Who now?

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Emi N*tta

Assert dominance by letting out the most outrageous fart.

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>Japanese Youtubers literally getting banned for Rino vids

Why was she so fucked up anyways? What is that green goo?

She does alchemy as a side gig and follows zero OSHA protocol and fucks up more often than not.
Her regular job is being a bouncer.

Yanderes are so shit
Are these cutscenes from the game? Who is the pink haired girl?

>Who is the pink haired girl
Oh boy here we go again

Kusano Yui (raíz de todo mal)

For what reason, or is there a Rinofag throwing out false dmca to protect his imouto?

Because her UB is named Corona Rain and YouTube’s algorithms are banning anything remotely mentioning corona.

That is fucking dumb since the Corona means something else. I'm guessing all those videos talking about the corona on moon and sun got the axe too, huh.

Give her another, she might leave you alone


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user, no. That'll only encourage her

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I like Eriko

But why jelly doughnut?