Why do people ship them when she basically ruined his teenage years with her incompetence?

Bleach, at its core, is the story of a depressed adult taking advantage of a depressed 15 year old. You just didn't realise because Rukia looks like a kid.

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Adult woman beating up a child.jpg

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Adult predator hiding in a childs bedroom.jpg

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Adult woman forcing a child out on the streets in the middle of the night.jpg
This is so fucking inappropriate. Don't be fooled by Rukias "Oh I'm so small and cute I can ride on your back desu!"
This is an ADULT woman riding on a childs back.

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I like this one.

Discussing romance with children.jpg
This is not ok. Rukia is an Adult fooling these young, naive girls.

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Forcing a child to touch you inappropriately .jpg

This one is especially fucked as Chad couldn't even see the hollows. This is some mega manipulation from a top tier narcissist pervert.

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BTW, he would definitely see her panties in this shot, if she even wears them?...

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grooming the kids.jpg

Do you really think its OK for an ADULT WOMAN to dress in a school uniform and take a bunch of under aged kids out for karaoke and drinks?!
Jesus Christ!

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Let me see your body little girl.jpg.

This image speaks for it's self.

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Adult stroking vulnerable childs face.jpg

It was never enough for Rukia, THE ADULT, to just be inappropriate with young boys. She had to feel up the most child like, innocent girl of all.

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Very devious. Hopefully she gets brought to justice soon user

Confronting the pervert.jpg

Gin. So misunderstood. He HATED Rukia. You know why? Because she is a sick fuck trying to live out some childhood fantasy by living as a Japanese school girl.
Imagine if Rukia was a dude. You wouldn't think it was so cute and harmless then, would you?

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replacement victim.jpg

When Rukia though she couldn't play with the kiddies anymore she moved on to this poor sap. Sure, he's technically not a child but he definitely had child like quality's. Someone she could easily manipulate, dominate and use in whatever way she wanted.
There's a pattern here people!

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starting young.jpg

Don't get me started on this poor guy. Literally dumped him when he got to old for her. Dumped him for money and status.
Eventually used him to produce a child for her to do God know what with.
Yes. She now has her own child now. Terrifying thought indeed.

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Golden Thread

>depressed adult taking advantage of a depressed 15 year old

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this thread would have been funny if it wasnt trying so hard

I'm going to end it here, because I think I've made a pretty good argument on why Rukia is actually a terrible person.
You where all fooled because "awww she short and has big eyes and is in a school uniform!" but if you really think about it this is a fucking messed up scenario. An Adult woman prancing around high school with a bunch of clueless kids? Not ok.

Was this Kubo's commentary on the modern dangers of society hypersexualising teenagers? The enemy within? Maybe. It certainly made me think.

Please think harder next time you come to ship two characters, because you might be promoting some really fucked up shit.

Thank you.

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I understand this my be a cultural difference.
Where I'm from, a 15 year old is certainly considered a child.

not even in america is that the case. where the hell are you from?

Only the greatest of men support Orihime's goal of getting Ichigo to fuck both of them.

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>why were they shipped
Is this a joke? They had actual development together.
It's just like with prison school. Should the MC get with the generic love interest because she's the generic love interest? Or should the MC get with the girl that he has actual emotional development with.

I want to FUCK Rukia

well Ichigo fucks Orihime and Tatsuki everyday

You can't even drink in America until you're 21

I dislike Bleach but damn Rukia is really cute and seems to be funny. No wonder people got mad when thr protagonist ended with that generic Hinata like

Drinking age is not the age at which we determine what a fucking child is, you mongoloid.
Can't drink till 21 but you can fuck at 18! Americans are fucking CHILDREN!!!!!
Kill yourself

Hot thread

>Americans are fucking CHILDREN
Uh based?

>Americans are fucking CHILDREN!!!!!
This is accurate