Uzumaki Anime

>Adult Swim has a history of commissioning anime for the sole sake of brand recognition turning out shit
>Junji Ito anime have a history of turning out shit
How bad will it be?

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>How bad will it be?
It will be American level bad.

But even Americans are better than Japan at animation now

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Hiroshi Nagahama gives a little bit of hope to the show's quality

>How bad will it be?
There's no harm in waiting a little bit and seeing how it turns out.

>good animation
kek. Even ufotable trash is a million times better.

It spit on the grave of Castlevania (no Grant).

Grant is almost certain to appear in the next season or season 5, he was teased rather unambiguously

Looks like it's going for more of a motion comic thing than fully animated. We won't have to sacrifice art quality at least

Castlevania has some of the worst animation I've ever seen for a series. What makes it even more damming is that they only do a handful of episodes in bulk, so it's not like it's rushed out

The teaser seems like it's nailing the vibe and aesthetic so I'm optimistic right now. If it turns out to be shit it's not a major loss, I can just ignore it

cringe. Not watching gaijin-commissioned shit

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It's directed by Nagahama and the music is by Colin Stetson. This isn't like FLCL2/3, there's a good chance it'll be interesting.

arent they only going to be 5 minute episodes
how can you fuck that up

When's this coming out?


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all we know is sometime this year



no spiral can take away my freedom

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I see, Yas Forums is leaking

it will probably be awful

i hope its not so bad, so at least the concept of motion comics can catch on again

If they had people who worked on some adult swim programs be actually involved, it could be great. AS had some very unnerving shit

wasn't this supposed to come out like 2 months ago

thank you, corona-chan

Tentatively excited for it. Hopefully they don't meddle with it like they did with FLCL.
I don't think they gave a specific date, but it's supposed to come out in the later half of 2020. Probably around Halloween.

I still have nightmares from some Tim and Eric sketches.

Looking pretty good to be honest

IIRC they were supposed to release something this January, it's been way too long since this trailer.

While on the topic of Castlevania, is Dracula permanently dead, or will he resurrect like in the games?

Bet it will turn to shit from all the theoryfags on youtube making videos about it trying to find if there's a super deep meaning and all confirm they never read the manga.

God that fucking music.
I keep a tab of it open at all times because it has just pierced through me.
I won't go full music major, but needless to say I love everything about it for and artistic pov.

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