Mental illness

How can i stop being in love with an anime girl

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you dont, you embrace it fully and stop looking at it the same way the normans would look at it (as an obstruction/distraction to getting a 3d w*man)

>being in love with an anime girl
>mental illness
First day here?

>mainstream entry level garbage show girl
you'll get bored and go back to video games soon enough

Start being in love with an anime boy.

Read nothing but NTR of that girl and self-insert as the cuck.
add some scat and so on. You will associate the girl with nausea and grossness.

What if he just starts to crave NTR and scat instead?


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If you’re into NTR this would be the girl to pick.

Then he deserves it.

In fact I am pretty sure he is already a cuck watching/reading HeroAca

You can't. Just let the love flow and be grateful she's at least not a lesbian.

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man those porn links been there for a while guess it's okay to post porn now guys

only bnha cuckolding

dang no matter what thread you go to you gotta bring cucking into it huh?

This thread started with Hero Academia. You can't start a thread with cuckolding and then complain about cuckolding.

Wait...there are people out there that genuinely falls in love with fictional characters? You fall in love with a fiction that some other man has written/drew.
That is not normal. That's even worse than obsessing over 3d people. They alreast exist, which can drive you to improve and slingshot you back into reproductive market. Settling with 2d fiction is like drawing a big red X over your lineage, a SURRENDER. How weak and miserable can you actually get?
Man up and get yourself together. Your line has never been broken, NEVER. Your blood has survived wars, plague and famine and most importantly TIME. And yet here you are...fapping and swearing love to a fucking cartoon. Fapping - OK, I can understand, but actual LOVE? ..

i legit cant read that without my eyes hurting you fucked that shit up

It's weird, Ochako is one of the few times I really like the designated heroine but don't want her to end up with the MC.

This is either a temporary crush or the beginning of your new life as your waifu's husbando.

Really funny post dude great job

>but don't want her to end up with the MC.
Because Deku is too shit for anyone. Getting with someone like him is a fate worse than death.

ochalko more like ochunko

>Fapping - OK, I can understand, but actual LOVE?

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dude is good at drawing...

look at this faggot who thinks waifus need a gimmick
look at him and laugh

by realizing that if you shared the same universe with them they would still ignore you

You kiss yourself

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