Symphogear XD

Opinion on Symphogear XD already shutting?

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Fuck off

Go back

Get out

user, Please...

DESS franchise

Haha, reminds me of that one Pokemon game for Gamecube.

too bad, but honestly I didn't like a game that is almost full automatic

Symphogear is really not a thing in the west, what were they even expecting while starting an en server?

Killed by corona, or out of story?

It's all ogre.

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It's just the global server, jp is doing fine.

>Lasted less than 6 months
That was fast

So, what the fuck XD even means, i have seen that in some games.

They have 2 years of stories from the japanese version, so it's most probably that it didn't cash in enough money.

To be honest, I wasn't expecting this to last too long, but the announcemente still came as a surprise. At least we'll still see the second Tsubasa-Kanade event before it shuts down

>base a game on getting 6 fucking copies of a character you want to make it usable
this only works if your franchise has an established whale community that will carry you anyway, the game is barely played even by Symphogear fans.

XD is a despised emoji around here.

Within the context of Symphogear, it means X-Drive, which is a special kind of powerup

>anime ends, sells the best of any of the 5 series
>game gets shut down

So this is how lesbogeah ends, not on a scissoring but on a "nani?".

Extreme drive

they just shut down the NA server, it's doing fine in jp

Ah. That sucks. I don't suppose they'd be generous enough to port the accounts to JP for players willing to make the jump?

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It means nothing in the case of geah since geah just puts random stuff down in titles like XV and XD and QYZ.

We still have the concert in the horizon... if it doesn't get delayed or cancelled because of covid, of course

I don't think they'll let you do that when they don't even let you download the JP version through official means. Besides, there's a 2 year-gap between both versions, the meta has changed a bit (JP has 3 more character types, to make everything even more confusing)

lmao that's never ever going to happen

I didn't even know Symphogear had a game

There was a mobage?

closed eyes and laughing mouth, duh

I retired years ago after black UR XD Miku event.
Gacha game are trash.

Madoka mobage death when?
With designs like these I can only celebrate the occasion

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>XD is a despised emoji around here.
Only from faggots who try to fit in xD

Jesús Christo

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I dont even know any English speaking Symphogear fans outside of Yas Forums