Post unironic contrarian opinions

Attack on Titan's second OP (Jiyuu no Tsubasa) is better than the first (Guren no Yumiya). The detail is far far greater than the first which is mostly just an actionfest, also the song is better though that is subjective.

Sasageyo is a close 2nd and if I were to rank them it'd be 2>3>1>5>4

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I don't like FMA

I like FMA:B

Popular anime is popular because it's good

dumb zoomer

MHA is a good shonen, with some flaws in writing part.

My favorite Code Geass OP is Kaidoku Funo

Jiyuu no Tsubasa references Guren no Yumiya so this is a strange take.
I think it fits the second season a lot better, though. Guren no Yumiya is a great single but it's a poor fit for the first 10 episodes where humans get buttfucked over and over.

Majority of people like Brotherhood though.

I don't know. we're on Yas Forums and it's a contrarian thread

Kimetsu is the best battle shonen since Yu Yu Hakusho.

I like SAO and ClariS

Prince of Darkness is good

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Guren no Yumiya is the most memorable for being memeable out of the gate. Jiyuu no Tsubasa is objectively better (Ishihama's OPs almost always are), but there's far too much actual animation to be able to effectively parody.

There will never be another anime as good as Madoka Magica

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Imagine giving enough of a shit about this to type this post

Haremtrash is shit regardless of era. Tenchi Muyo is just as shit as High School DxD.


My favourite Geass op is Hitomi no Tsubasa

Hopefully. It was and still is overhyped trash.

ZZ is the best Gundam entry

That's not even contrarian, pretty much all normalfags have this opinion by default. In reality, popular anime is popular mostly, because it appeals to people in the centre of the Gaussian distribution where the greatest amount of them concentrates. Popular = appealing to your average person with average tastes/average experience with anime/average intelligence. Now, does this count as a contrarian opinion?

Now the REAL contrarian opinion - OP4 was the best and the only SnK song that ended up in my player.

Maybe if it played for more than 2 episodes and had half-decent visuals.

OP 5 is the second best.

Now the real REAL contrarian opinion. I don't care about OPs at all, they are gay and impossible to listen to 99% of time and only serve to advertise the artists. Suppose that instead of advertising artists they would advertise the usual commercial products you see on TV. For example, as an opening to your favorite show, you'd have to watch some animated Horst Fuchs introduce a new WC cleaner every single time. I wonder if people would still watch them and autistically fight over which opening is the best of them all.

that's 00

I don't like Cowboy Bebop

Rei > Asuka

Overlord is the only good isekai, all the others suck and re:zero is cringe gore porn dogshit for genuine autists

this, but Overlord also sucks

S2 of Chunibyou was better than S1, pink hair was best girl and should have won.

overlord is hilarious and entertaining