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Nora to Zassou is taking a break because the mangaka (Keigo Shinzo) has been hospitalized and is undergoing treatment for lymphoma

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does that the old fart fuck the run away whore yet?


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Just downloaded Yamazaki Sayaka's "Minus", the Kanzenban, since it got uploaded to raw provider site. It confused me, I never thought the author of Shimashima wrote this. What even more shocking, the volume 3 of Kanzenban version publushed by Enterbrain includes the controversial chapter, in which it depicted cannibalism. Although the free raw I could find are incomplete, and the said chapter is in the final volume (never got uploaded).


Any interesting manga that got dropped?

Tell me sc/a/n have you gotten the chance to ignore the offer for a interview form big daddy MD yet?

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They only interview literally whos with peanuts releases from their chat server.

Hinako TLanon are you here?

So than the no discord policy is the only thing that stands in sc/a/n's way.

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Is chillock one man guy?

Oh harmless monster. I'm planning to continue one of their series that taking forever to be finished. Should I just do it without asking them?


Which one? Their deal is that they have one editor for all manga they are working on and he does work only whenever he feels like it since it's a hobby and having a deadline sours the fun, hence their monthly output of 50 pages spread across like 5 romcom/SOL manga. That's why I'm currently working on "upgraded SSSS snipeTM", courtesy of user, on one the manga they are sitting on

Akebi-chan no sailor fuku

They should've interviewed big names that people actually care about like Chillock, Rapeman, SSSSS and Koolio. And they've actually scanlated a lot of manga.

What a coincidence. Wonna join forces?

Now that's something I'd actually read.

>Rapeman Scans
>only released a few chapters of Rapeman before moving onto other things
Top fucking lel

Pic related, and most likely it will never get picked up again because it's such a fucking bitch to translate.

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>big names that people actually care about like Chillock

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You're just jealous and incompetent. You can't rival him.

You sly bastard


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This was popular in my country, licensed like 10 years ago and fully translated in my language. I used to read this by borrowing from rental manga shop, I was a poor middle school student so I didn't have much money to buy all the manga I like, so rental manga shop was a popular option among me and my friends. Back then Sunday's titles were so popular. like Hayate, Kekkaishi, and we even had our version of "sunday", named Shonen Star. it's published monthly though, but formatted like Shonen sunday. A big bundle of manga from different era, wild life, kekkaishi, hayate, dr koto and many more.

What will happen if I translate this but in the credit page I mock them netouyo? The art is pretty though.

Indonesia? Damn mate, I'm jelly. That's one hell of a lineup. Where I live, 10 years ago we had just began experimenting with manga publishing, but the only good thing to come out of it was a mildly obscure Takizawa Seiho anthology.

As long as the translation is accurate, why not? Also friendly reminder that we have volume 2 already.


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>big names that people actually care about like Chillock

Yeah, Doraemon was fully translated like back in early 2000s, I even had read the final volume when I was still in grade school. Conan was also one of major boost for more translated manga demand, back then they still print it from left to right, by mirroring the page lol. In the latter half of 2000s, they changed it to the Japanese style, from right to left. Doraemon also got new reprint a few years ago, with bigger paper size and printed from right to left like what it was intended to.

Someone snipe these subhumans, everything they do gets wrongly "translated". Literally made up shit everywhere.

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