I translated the afterword of Konosuba v17

>What with the promise that Kazuma would do something amazing with Megumin once they get home, the fact that defeating the Demon King grants him the right to marry aristocrats, all the plot points that haven't been touched yet, and so many stories that I haven't been able to tell, I hope to be able to write a sequel one day.
>With that said, let us for now allow Kazuma, who has been trying his best since the beginning, to enjoy a moment of respite and some peaceful days.

Is it a subtle "fuck you" to shippers and waifufags? Is it hinting at a harem end? Is he low-key trying to say that he's tired of writing Konosuba? We may never know.

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Meh only deluded fool think it's gonna be different than the WN. Iris is the only difference between the WN/LN.

Just wait for the sequel starring Kazuma and Aqua's kid.

Say it with me everyone
"Akatsuki Natsume is a HACK"

>Is it hinting at a harem end
Of course.
Megumin will be main wife, Darkness the mistress, and Aqua the sex friend.

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>I hope to be able to write a sequel one day.
What's stopping him from doing it now? I hate when the Japanese say this shit. Like I get it if it's like a manga that got axed, but this is literally not in the same field.

I don't even care after that shit. All light novel author just spineless faggot at this point.

Yeah, it's just tatemae. He doesn't actually want to write a sequel, he's just trying to appease his fans, because he knows many were hoping for a more conclusive end.
I like that he stayed true to his writing to the very end and didn't bend to the will of the masses, however. Authors should write for themselves, not for their fans.

It's pretty simple, and we have seen this kind of shit happening many time before.
The author got tired of writing this, wants to move to something else.If he is successful than all is good.
If not, he can always go back to their previous work, and continue from the open end.

All of the above. If you want closure, make something up until the author needs more money.

Yeah, sounds like a fuck off shippers.

>Aqua will be main wife, Darkness the mistress, and Yunyun the sex friend.


The Japanese are such talentless hacks. They always pull this shit with the open ending bullshit and then never go back to actually close the ending. It's insanely unsatisfying and if you're truly unhappy with writing the series then you need to end it or if it gets an anime then give it an anime original ending. There's no reason to give fans hope that the series may continue one day. I just don't understand how Japanese society could be happy with all of this. This is not a problem with western media. We usually get ending for better or worse, but at least they're endings and if there is an open ending then it's likely going to continue or someone is going to leak the real ending if it didn't continue. It just makes me sick that these people get bored and then never finish what they started.

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This is his from his afterword for Sentouin volume 3
>Of course, this isn’t a series focusing on exploring what makes each
heroine unique and attractive, so please don’t read too much into it when a
volume’s presented as “XX’s volume.”
>With a lineup like that, I think that Grimm—who is faithful to the person
she falls in love with, is skilled at most domestic tasks, and even has a nest
egg saved up for marriage—actually ends up having the highest heroine
>Of course, this series won’t end up as a romcom, so those traits are
actually meaningless…
I think he may add some romantic teasing here and there but won't consider romance an important plot point to be resolved, so he kinda just leaves it be in the background

>Authors should write for themselves, not for their fans.
You're basically saying that ego, not empathy, which is disingenuous when writing is work and the fans are the ones giving you a paycheck.

That's what you call a bitch ending and passive aggressive faggotry.

But there many voices in a fanbase. An author should write what he want first.

>Is it a subtle "fuck you"
Sounds like a subtle "give me some time to come up with bs to milk this franchise some more but until then I'll spend my time and money on blackjack and hookers" from the author.

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It's weird considered that he spent whole volumes to establish the main romance.

>I like that he stayed true to his writing to the very end and didn't bend to the will of the masses, however.
There's a distinction between having a solid vision for a story and sticking to your guns in the face of fan pressure, and running away at the last minute from something you already committed to.
At the start of Konosuba I had no preference for who Kazuma would pair up with, but Natsume himself developed Megumin over the course of the series. That's the conclusion people wanted to see, because the author was telling us all along he was going to take us there.

Is it a subtle "fuck you" to shippers and waifufags?
No. i's a subtle "I got axed"

>That's the conclusion people wanted to see
You are assuming way too much, expecially since you are part of a fandom who isn't even the main focus of this kind of works.

Cool fanfics bro

Eris pad her chest ?

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Not when she's LARPing as Chris.

in the end, it's literally the WN ending copy-pasted

Sounds pretty clear that our boy Kazuma is going to lose his virginity with Megumin.

>This is not a problem with western media
Open end bullshit is very common in western media though

> megumin literally pushes him down and makes out with him while darkness is in the closet, promises to bang after they deal with the demons
> thERE'S NO RoMAntic cONcluSion
what the fuck do you want, a sex scene

>Meh only deluded fool think it's gonna be different than the WN
Which was?

You sound entitled

>harem end
Stunk is Kazuma's kid AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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