What superpower would you want if you got isekai'd to a generic fantasy world...

What superpower would you want if you got isekai'd to a generic fantasy world? No time travel or vauge reality warping powers.

I'd go for super intelligence because I'm an unoriginal nerd.

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The superpower to locate other people who have reincarnated and permanently send them back to wherever they came from.

Potentially useful if the bbeg ends up being an isekai'd neet.

An EG-6

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I just want true love.

I want the power to not be ugly fat and bald anymore.

I want the power to turn anyone into a cute girl.

that's all you'd need

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Shapeshifting, so I can fulfil my life's dream of becoming an anime girls toilet.

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> No time travel or vauge reality warping powers

Oh, wait
Time and space are the same according to general relativity

You better have a more specific rule for vauge reality warping powers, OP.
As far as fictional powers are concerned, anything that violates physics IS reality warping

Power to befriend anyone.

The power to go back home so that I don't have to live with the shame of being in an isekai.
Actually, assuming I don't have to be a protagonist I would just want the power to make bread from nothing. I can live a quiet life, be a traveller with no dues, or take over the world under the iron but fair fist of offering everyone free food.

I just want to be able to conjure fire. It's been my Chuuni fantasy since I was two.

You said no reality warping powers right?
So that means so long as we could explain it through scientific terms, it's alright, right?

Alright, give me self-replicating attobots and I would dematerialize absolutely anything that I do not like right up to their atomic structure through anerobic process. With my legion of unseen mannequins, I would create a solid fortress built from graphene and carbon nanotubes layered by aerosol crafted from silica and carbon. A home I shall call the Terrible Dogfish

A fort built from a super conductive graphene would never fall to the damages caused by heat, kinetic force, electricity and magnetisim and even allow me to harvest energy from the outside at extreme efficiency. The aerosol layer shall protect me from sonic waves.

From my home, any that dares to oppose me shall face the wrath of the legion whom I shall throw into the air and consume them all into basic parts that I can use for further constructions

There. The ultimate scientific weapon. Also known as the Grey Goo Apocalypse. Which NASA also plans to use for interstellar colonization. Fuck Xenoscums

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Skill absorption. Nothing else can beat that one.

Fuck me. I mean *aerogel

The ability to steal/copy other's powers

Depends on whether the isekai world actually has people with magical skills and powers. If it's another world filled with just regular people, I suppose you could still absorb job skills, but at that point super intelligence would be better since the skill absorption option means you'd have to find a guy of the skill you want to absorb in the first place. And even once you find the guy with the skill you want to absorb, presumably you'd only absorb up to his skill level, whereas wit super intelligence you could presumably surpass him.

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But user ugly bald sweaty guys get all the bitches and cuck mcs

Good pick.

Just because you use terms that sound sort of sciency doesn't mean you aren't talking about magic.

If magic exists, it would be just another branch of science

My own Aqua

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Why is everyone obsessed with having OP powers? If I was actually gonna still be a mortal I would pick something more fun. Like, the ability to command trees like an Ent or the ability to read memories.

>while you were studying the car, i was studying programming
>now i can watch hentai all day long while getting paid x10 than you are while you work yourself to death

>studying programming
How depressed are you?
Hell, can your mother even recognize you anymore, you adorable code monkey you?

I didn't say you needed to pick op powers, that's why I specified no time control or reality warping.

It also depends on how religious they are. And they tend to be *very*.
High intelligence with no way to protect oneself when everyone around you's feudal at best and zealous at worst, hell that's dangerous in much the real world.

Send me there with no other power than just a book on how to survive in my new world

Nothing more fun than beating a hard challenge


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Yeah but look at the thread. People are always trying to figure out the most bullshit power within the rules. I would have to go with something ice related, personally. Maybe something that at max capacity can freeze everything to absolute zero in a six foot radius, no more than that and not for a long amount of time. OP powers are boring, a real interesting power is one with a fun gimmick that you have to use intelligently. Like, you wouodn't want to be able to control every tree on the planet. Maybe just one tree at any time, but it would still be crazy good and really fun too.