You know Yas Forums i often call you faggots but i must admit you can at least appreciate 10/10 buff waifu material...

You know Yas Forums i often call you faggots but i must admit you can at least appreciate 10/10 buff waifu material when you see it. Small micro-cocked Yas Forums fags however are intimidated by a little muscle tone.

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What does even mean being a fag these days anyway?

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Of course.

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At some point it just becomes a man with boobs and a vagina.

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She is russian. I'm a rigth? That's pretty normal for them


Noi's more than just a body. She's got a very cute and energetic personality, and her skirted uniform shows she's still a classy, professional lady when she needs to be. She's also extremely loyal. The demigod physique is just the icing on the protein cake.

Shin is so lucky

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Very lucky, user

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do women like this even exist in real life?

Muscle girls are my favorite
Gap moe cuties or femdom, I love them all.

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There are unironically some cute IRL muscular girls.

Yes, and they can break your hips


Muscle doesn't change the skeleton. Unless the artist is bad.

That's nice, but still go back there.

Real man dont fuck muscular women
Real men get muscular and fuck curvy feminine women. You are just a self insert homo who want to be the lil girl in the relationship and you deserve to get impaled for eons

Yes but it's rare. Most of the bodybuilders/fit girls takes hormones and ends looking like fucking trannies

ITT closet queers.

t. low t beta

t.closet queer

Wanting women that look like men is not high t.


>fucking women

What is the reason for all these homos liking muscle girls these days? Gender confused zoomers?

musclefags are too beta to be a man so they want the woman to fill that role and bride carry them

Says the guys who thinks the correct thing is to be attracted to children and keep spamming pedothread all the time. You know, there is a very goddamn reason lolicon hentais always featuring obese and disgusting guys, mostly middle aged.

>Muscles are exclusive to males

Keep your tin veiled off-topic Last of Us 2 threads in Yas Forums.

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That level of muscle is inherently masculine. Women don't get that huge without roids and the bigger they get the less female they look.

What about Amazon and all those SF women?

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While I personally prefer lanklets I can always respect a musclegirlfag when I meet one.