Shuumatsu no Valkyrie

Which one are you backing?

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Raiden, but theres like 90% chance he'll job

Shiva. Om namah shivaya!

I like the Sumo Fag but Shiva will probably win just to have the Gods lead 3-2


Honestly I want Raiden to win purely to spite Shiva. But realistically humanity isn't getting a third win in a row so Shiva will take home the prize.

While I'll always be backing humanity I have to say that I think Shiva winning fits better here from a narrative perspective.
We'll see how things go either way.

Shiva is a family man, I hope he wins against manwhore Raiden.

Sumofag looks more like an exaggerated Muay Thai fighter.

He'll probably turn fat as a power-up.

Shiva for waiting so long.

I expect Shiva to win, but also that Raiden cuts him down to only 2 arms.

>While I'll always be backing humanity

>Muscle Seal Release
>Eightfold Fat Roll

Raiden just to have someone other than the Olympians lose

Raiden, mainly because his type of character/personality never wins honestly

Why does he have 14 abs?

Hard to take gods seriously after three losses in a row.

tfw no 14 pack

Shiva has been a joke up to now, so he'll probably win just to show he'd actually be a worthy opponent to Adam. Also Raiden looks too overconfident and humanity had 3 wins already, so there's a huge flag on him.

There are what, 12 matches total? Not sure why everyone is under the impression leading with 3-2 would matter narratively. On the contrary, it would raise the stakes much better if Humanity got a early lead only to be crushed with a lot of consecutive losses.

A lot of people seem to want Raiden to lose mainly to decrease the chances of Simo or Tesla losing as well later on, from what I've seen

Also because it would show the author is willing to let a Japanese fighter lose.

Rereading this manga
So it's confirmed that Adam > Kojiro >= Lubu > the rest

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I'm pretty sure it's dependant on the matchup
Adam was picked for Shiva for example

Can we all agree the Hercules vs Jack fight was shit?

What didn't you like about it?

Read Lu Bu's spinoff manga. He's stronger than Kojiro for sure. Thor is just overpowered.

No we can't

>Turns into Orora

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>Poseidon jobbed

There is a board about wrestling that actually uses the word jobbed less than Yas Forums. How in the fuck can you job in a one on one tournament.