What happened to you Yas Forums? You used to be such a nice board

What happened to you Yas Forums? You used to be such a nice board.

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This place has always been garbage, it’s just that the garbage is more common.

I don't know, I think the quality has gone up recently. Maybe it's the lack of seasonal threads or maybe older people have more time to make threads but things have been nice lately.

Whatever it is, it's not Yas Forums's fault as much as Yas Forums would like to shift the blame there.

I agree.
Reddit is better

Things have been noticeably worse recently, what are you on about? There's more rec threads and "so I just got into anime" than ever because of this shit, newfags and casuals out the ass even more than already.

Everything is always Yas Forums's fault except for the things that are Yas Forums's fault.

Anime watching started becoming normalfag behavior. All the worst threads have popular dubbed anime series on streaming services.

All the nice people went to Gaia

the quality hasnt gone up lately

quarantine happened, also the april fools event brought more Yas Forumstards, also this I hope one day some richfag buy the site

>ooh noo my cartoon board ah-bloo-bloo it's not the same that it used to be 12 years ago with my super funny epic sakurafish ah-bloo-bloo
Grow up fag

I realise this is bait, but ignoring any difference in posters the vote ordering and threading make Reddit terrible for discussion.

There have been more storytimes, more threads about older series and more OC. Maybe the shitty threads have gotten shittier but I don't go to those anyway.

Yas Forums has always been shit, with the exception of OCs being produced more frequently back then

OF COURSE you don't, you're special and your taste is unique and perfect you're totally not a shitposting ban evader mentally ill freak

Fuck off, retard.

I miss summer 2011 Yas Forums.

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Not bait. I truly believe reddit is far way better for discussion than here

You're not safe anywhere.
Not from me.

It unironically is, and reddit has 100 times more OC than Yas Forums, several subreddits for specific discussion that don't get shitposted/derailed and so on, I use this board for shitposting, I mean we all do..

You are the virus killing this board, get out

>you're special and your taste is unique and perfect you're totally not a shitposting ban evader mentally ill freak
Where did that come from?

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Thats impossible because having a discussion of any kind is objectively impossible with the "comment tree" layout reddit has

You know who you are, don't play stupid.

Elaborate why not?

This board is dead and I've been here for long enough to know it. Newfags like you killed it

So do I, Yuno.

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Nobody wanted you back then or now, kill yourself tripfag cancer.

>no dbs anime
>no jojo anime
this alone bumps up the quality of the board several times

Shounen threads are great and that's all I come here. It's fine by me.

Name one person that wants you here.

Having fun became a banable offense.

Summer came early this year.

You're such a newfag try harder, those retarded spics at least stay in their fucking generals, you don't know shit about this board

>those retarded spics at least stay in their fucking generals
You're kidding, right?


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Its nothing more than a series of direct messages not displayed chronologically. You can't respond to multiple people at once and forced to respond to multiple people INDIVIDUALLY as opposed to group post highlighting like every other forum on the planet. I've wasted hours on that site retyping the same comment over and over and over again because once again something I said to one person gets hidden and a different person asked a similar but slightly different question requiring a new post. Comments are automatically hidden once a comment branch gets too long. If someone has a really insightful comment 10 comments deep then absolutely nobody will see it. All comments are going to be based off whatever few original comments start a thread with any others being hidden by default. Combined with the vote system and suddenly every single comment is forced to look the same. The place is completely overrun by bots and special interest groups so threads have huge potential to have only specific arguments be presented. There are voting brigades that will follow specific users around if they ever say something that disagrees with the groupthink too. There are tons of times I see some retarded comment and I want to say something but I know there's a giant group squatting on the thread to downvote specific facts and opinions. No I'm not talking about politics either.

Reddit needs to burn

You're the user who's been making storytime threads one after the other, aren't you?

No, those stupid generals have their own shitposting style, go on there and try to pinpoint that kind of shitposting outside of that thread, you can't, there's no 'dogposting' or however those retards call it outside of a /dbs/ thread for example, this was already proven.

I am, why?

Aside from the loss of OCs and a bunch of the same threads being spammed I miss Best Key Girl threads, shit's been the same. What the fuck do you feel is making Yas Forums drop in quality?