Character says ass

>character says ass
>subs say earth

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Shit gets real

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>Character says pan.
>Subs say bread.

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Hanabi is cute.

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What's the difference?

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Nothing like a good earthfucking.

>character says her name is spelt 'one' but pronounced 'before two'
>subs say her name is spelt one but proounced 'before two' because two is before one

>yoroshiku ne
>subs says tell him i said hi

hold on, what?


>character uses japanese
>subs use english

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What anime?
not the pic but the quote

>Character yells out their desire to murder winter sports equipment
>Subs say "I love you"

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cute slut

She's just a confused little girl

aren't we all...

>character says die joe boo
>subs says are you ok

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not this time, buddy.

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>character says "Ski"
>subs says "I like you"

>character uses a wasei eigo phrase
>subs display it literally instead of translating it

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what's the correct translation then?

>character says bitch
>subs say slut

>character says spats
>subs say compression shorts

>characters says mansion
>subs say apartment

>character says hip
>subs say butt

I'm so tired of these amateur translators getting jobs in the anime business.


>character says mana
>subs say "i guess"

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who is this

>character says yeah
>subs say no

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>character says hi
>subs say yes

>character says anus in italian
>subs say umm

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Why does every anime character love soda? They always say " SODA NE"

>character says "hai"
>subs say "no"