ITT: Trainwrecks

ITT: Trainwrecks

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lmao i bet you like faggot punch


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>typing like a retarded zoomer
>liking SnK
You should go back.

fuck Yas Forums for telling me this shit was good

It's great, unlike SnK.

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I like both SnK and fire punch.

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Yikes. Are SnKfags literally all redditors?

Is it over yet?

oh cool the contrarian faggot thread!

I forgot the one but it's that one with the steampunk dude and the train where they have to fight zombies. Then it became full bullshit like 2 or 3 chapters or episodes in Habenero or something

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>Yas Forums

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

I'm currently at where Eren and co. returned back to Paradis and so far, it's really enjoyable. So what went wrong? Don't care for spoilers btw

shut the fuck up retard.

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>Yas Forums

A good trainwreck

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Probably the single cringiest word to ever exist

Cross ange, no words to describe the trainwrek of lesbian Alcatraz fighting dragons

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t. SnKuck


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First half of SNKs final arc: 10/10
Second half: 1/10

The final arc started like 6 chapters ago, retard

and it's already bottom-of-the-barrel filth
so what's that? you can say it's amazing after 6 chapters but i can't call it shit? no you hypocrite

The final arc started after the Libero battle, like 20 chapters ago. The rumbling is the 2nd half.

I'm watching it now because the art is a nice union of old style character design and pretty digital coloring but good god is such a slog to follow these retards.

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I mean holy shit. I have never seen a shonen or any manga shit itself so hard.

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Promised Neverland probably takes the cake, bnha just got boring but Promised Neverland is just straight up garbage.
I guess a super hero themed manga had way more potential though, I liked the first arc.

Yes, within those 6 chapters, there were plently of good moments. It's still too early to judge.

No, the final arc started after 123.

Based Cuckminfag.

Somebody hasn't read Neverland or Shoukugeki no Soma.

Every character from paradise except for Eren, lolimir and Historia became a cuck who are fine with killing their own people to save the world and marley that want them dead and hope that licking Magath's ass will save them.

And by that I mean, those are some advanced self-shitting. You'd do well to avoid them. Souma wasn't even good in the first place and managed to off itself further.

I know about them but I still feel like Hero Academia is worse
Especially with that interview of the planned ending

Oh the, yeagrists are on Eren's side but they are portrayed as Saturday morning cartoon villians.