The MC sits next to the window

>The MC sits next to the window

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dumb rukiaposter

>The MC sits next to the window

Literally every MC in every anime set in a school ever. Pic unrelated

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and on the back row don't forget.
I seriously don't know why they keep doing it, is it a joke in the industry? like the wilhelm scream of anime or something?

I literally always chose that seat when available throughout HS and college because of anime. Fuck off, this is the one trope I like.

Are there any non-SOL anime where the characters sit in the front?

easy to get shots from outside the window and if you put the character on the back corner you save time and effort by not having to draw other students and classroom stuff all the time, it's pretty unnecessary to go through the effort if the focus is a single character

That's unironically the seat I always picked at high school. Not because of anime, I just never liked standing out too much, so the back corner next to the window was just perfect for me.

why not the front window seat?

MC is half one thing half a second thing and half an third thing...

Can you blame them? It gives you something to look at other than your work, teacher, or classmates. If we had had nice big Japanese classroom windows at my high school, you bet I would have claimed a seat by one.

I usually take the dear next to the teacher.
It was easier to hear what he was talking.

you would have to draw the people behind them ya

Man, I want to FUCK Rukia's mouth. I haven't even watched Bleach.

then you have a bunch of people and seats behind the character that you gotta draw

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I think that hachiman was the only MC that don' sit next to a window

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>antagonist sits next to the window

Same here, although that always resulted in someone approaching me and trying to interact out of curiosity, since I was often alone just minding my own business instead of talking to other people. I'm not complaining, though, this is actually how I made the few friends I had back then.

But I got here only just now

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sitting him in the back also allows him to do stuff other than studying(like daydreaming or doing shenanigans), without getting noticed by the teacher or other students

Then you have no right whatsoever to any of her orifices

Corner next to the door for me, the sooner I get out of the classroom the better.

classic eating lunch behind the textbook

>I seriously don't know why they keep doing it, is it a joke in the industry

Well if you draw them in the back corner you don't have to draw as many other students. And a window can add a bit of scenery that's not a boring wall. It makes sense when you really break it all down.

Literally me

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but you're not an MC
you're a filler background character

there are no MCs in life

Best seat is back row and as far away from the door as you can get.

>not being a window seat chad
Something wrong user?

spoken like a true background character

>MC gets the worst spot in the room

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