Kimetsu no Yaiba

Who's your favourite character

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I just think he's neat

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Snake boy

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Spoilers when?

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Jesus Christ thats kino. Croc really gave us the best visual breath in the last arc. wtf?

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They all suck

Muzan is based
>first lower moon dies
>y'all nigga SUCK time to die
>one of them sucks his dick so hard he has to pretend to be a girl for a week
>ok you get another chance

In two fucking chapters this pathetic snakelet transformed into a chad thundercock.
He was too good for this world.

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He was still a total dick to Uzui and most of the fodder slayers, can't unwrite that, but it's good to know he can back any shit talk up with his talent

No matter how you slice it Kanroji was a huge source of wasted potential. She's my favorite female character and third favorite pillar, but she was not as developed as she could have been. Almost every demon slayer is focused on what they lost before they joined the corps, but she's in the unique position of having the DSC enrich her life.
She was the only demon slayer who legitimately had a lot to lose. There was a stable, loving family waiting for her once they killed Muzan, which would make a suicidal charge a lot more impactful coming from her than Snek (though all the pillars were doing it)
and before anyone says it I'm not pissed that she didnt oneshot Muzan or whatever, I'm just pointing out a lot more could have been done with her character since shes such a stark contrast to the average demon slayer and the rest of the pillars.

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He was still a pathetic manlet though, he just grew a pair of balls

pretty boar

I don't get all this sneklet dick riding? He didn't fight any of the moon's and was essentially the only fresh fighter to fight Muzan. All he did was distract and stall Muzan at best.

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Mr. JUSTnado

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Why would you want to unwrite his personality.

The series is ending in May.


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autistic and almost blind in one eye girl

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I must protect Tanjirou.
Tanj, Giyuu, Sanemi, and Zenitsu are my favorites.

Look at these dudes. The JUST duo

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snake breath looked cool + recency bias

My autistic wife

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Kanroji was also fresh but was a jobber for the entire last arc.
Sanemi and Himejima are the most based pillars for fighting the two strongest demons in existence one after the other

S̷̗̯̋̄͛͛p̵̜͎̑̊͑̓o̶͍̹͊͆͊i̸̜̼̰̣̓̊̈́̈́́̔l̸̨̪̤̗̮̀̇̈̌̓̽̃ͅe̴̙̣̥̜͒͌̄͂̂ȑ̷̠̦̞̘̝͎͉̄͠ ̷̛̬̋̎̃̾̽͝ẃ̴̛͚̦͇͙͈͈͑̈̃̀͝h̴̨͉̹͈̞̟̩̽̍̎̈́́́̄ȩ̴̢̬̞́̌̽͑̂n̴͚̭͈̈́̔̾.̷̢̨͍̘̣̙͛̓̑͘͝.̷̫̦̓.̷̞̹͗

no. come back next week.
>b-but one piece
rumour has it that one piece leaker is foreign translator not usual leakers. whoever leaked op spoiler might not have whole magazine.
also there's news about Chinese leaker being arrested

no chapter this week?


He did a lot during the final fight
> Stalling Muzan with the other pillars for the first 30 mins
> Stalling Muzan in a duo with Tanjiro for th last ~30 mins
Plus he's strong af. In fact, he's one of the few that unlocked the complete set of powerups: mark + STW + red blade. The only other ones who could do all these are Himejima, Tanjirou, and Mui (moments before his death).

Although he couldn’t maintain all three simultaneously, he still deserves his props for at least awakening them.

>he was fresh
He lasted the longest against Muzan with Tanjiro so it evens out.

How long until Bimetsu?

>The only person ever to exist that fought the two strongest demons of all time, one after another and came out alive
>Piece of shit dad doesn't let you go to hell with your mom
A great story to tell his kids

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I don't think there is any slayer that could handle all of them together at same time besides Yori and Godjima temporarily. Kamikaze snek is something else even among the upper pillars.


Godjima couldn't get real red blade tho. but to be fair his weapon make it difficult to get it.