Hey Yas Forums, I'm about to watch "Renkin San-kyuu Magical? Pokaan"...

Hey Yas Forums, I'm about to watch "Renkin San-kyuu Magical? Pokaan", I was looking for stuff to watch and this one seemed fun
I figured since it's more of an older anime, I wanted to know what your guy's opinion on it was, what am I getting into, and is it any good/fun
I recognize the liru from the h-game but this has nothing to do with that

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Aiko best girl.

Fun and cute anime. Go for it.

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How new are you?

You're in for a good time. Season 2 never.

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Which Magi would you Poka?

Liru best girl

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Pakira, cause she is a bitch and clearly needs it.
Fix that bitches wagon real quick.



Yes Aiko.

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Imagine if she farted while doing that.

That would be funny.

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If there ever were a show that deserved a season 2, this would be it.

I'm actually really surprised it's just got the one season and a tie in manga.
I mean, it is incredibly popular and has retained said popularity in consistently getting games and fanart and the like.
S2 when?


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Keimie a best girl.

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That is correct.

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Mah nigga

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Those who know it tend to like it very much, but that's not the same as there being a large enough number of people liking it for beancounters to justify investing into a second season. Also, at the time second seasons weren't as common as they are now.
There's also the matter that this show is very much a labour of love by its staff and that's what makes it work, so a proper second season can't really be made without the same people working on it. That means they are going to have to want to do it and manage to align their schedules.

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