I love this cute unpopular girl

I love this cute unpopular girl.

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Just so you know she's not straight.

I kinda suspected that.

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>has friends that talk to her and invite her out
This is a girl's idea of being alone

Not anymore in the manga

Dating spergs really isn't all that great.


maybe a decade ago

>unpopular girl
But she have a beautiful mommy girlfriend.

She didn't exist a decade ago

but soon
>It began serialization on Square Enix's Gangan Online service from August 4, 2011

Most anime girls aren't

Me too

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She'd be straight if she could talk to boys, she only dykes out on her friends because they're the only ones she can vent her frustrations on.

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she straight in the anime. the manga is non canon.

completely straight behavior
i remember when i was dripping saliva from my mouth after asking my bro what kind of boxers he is wearing. That's what all young boys do at some point in their youth

that's similar to my read. except in the brief moments where she was getting full of herself, like when her skin was shiny with oil, her self-image was so low that she didn't even see herself as a girl. she couldn't imagine guys being attracted to her either. So she self-inserted as the guy's position in a lot of her sexual fantasies.

She takes what she can get.

Yup. Mmhmm.

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Tomoko has cute gf

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Season 2 when? I want the school trip animated

>Your brain on Yuri fags

Yuu is such a nice, sweet, beautiful and caring girl that you can overlook the fact that she's a nasty slut.

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Is there really anything wrong with nasty sluts?


It will never get another season because the manga skydived in quality

But it skyrocketed in popularity!

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You know shes a normalfag now, right?


Not really; everyone around her became slightly autistic.

Also by the time shes gone popular, her manga becomes shit.