Who is the best loli in anime Yas Forums?

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wrong, that would be me

these guys are the best lolis

No question in my mind

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What a contentious question.

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Why do the best lolis sound like grannies?

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The best lolis are grannies.

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Apparently we have retards in this thread already


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I’m gonna break both your legs which a tire iron

But Mashiro-tan is just the average high schooler

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How to get a loli wife like Enju?

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Ropponmatsu 2,Rebecca Miyamoto and Mina Tepes.

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where did you find this picture of my wife holding my daughter

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this one

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Think I might give this show a watch, premise seems cute and interesting.
Never fucking mind, thanks for the spoilerino.

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Hachikuji Mayoi

How can you know that a Loli is the best, if you haven't seen her naked?

All those have nude scenes:

Stop posting hags.


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Are pre-schoolers even lolis?

Only middle schoolers and older aren't lolis.