What do you think would happen if Kuroko found out about the Misaka clones?

What do you think would happen if Kuroko found out about the Misaka clones?

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shes going to soon in the novels
gt1 was was accelerator allowing the dark side to be exposed, we'll see the clones used in prosecution very soon

afterall in gt1 accelerator turns himself in for killing the clones

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At least find one that's willing to pose for her. Maybe she wouldn't be as interested in someone with a different personality, but there are still ways to enjoy someone that looks the same.

She has the same body, thats the most important part.

Thank you for spamming this picture, it finally got me to watch Railgun and I thought it was pretty good.
Saten best.

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There weren't enough scenes like it.

She'll furiously rub her c*unny on the clone's c*nny of course


I agree.
However, Mikoto showing off her shorts and Saten exposing Uiharu's panties were stimulating enough for me.

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Too many of the nude scenes were from the side or back, or didn't go below their shoulders. Why not show Mikoto just wearing shorts?


why did she stat wearing shorts?

There was a doujin about that. Kuroko got gangbanged by a platoon of Misaka clones

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Nothing. Clones are nothing compared to the genuine article

they have the same body

Because she likes to fly around AC when she's in a hurry, jumping from building to building.

seems like it would be against the dress code of that ultra strict code to wear shorts instead of panties/

Use them for practice.

Who is going to enforce it on her?

the school.

So I just finished watching this because all the gifs made it seem like the light hearted spinoff of the main series(which I never watched). And at least the first season was mostly just that , hijinks. But then I get to season 2 and it turns into this dark clone murdering battle shounen out of fucking no where. Wtf happened. Watching the the mikasa murder was like living through the "this is no longer pod racing" meme. Except it was "this is no longer the misadventures of magic electric girl and her lesbien friend" and instead turned into fucking anime kill bill.

Ive always wanted a JoJos setting to be in the big city with an all-female main cast. I guess that’s essentially what Railgun is isn’t it?

Create her own sex dungeon filled with clones

>What do you think would happen if Kuroko found out about the Misaka clones?
I wonder if there's at least one gay anomally in SisterS system to answer Kuroko calling.
There is original Dolly but she's into different girls.

She wears both.

Why would she listen if wearing spats is so important to her?

Kuroko wouldn't be able to contain herself.

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You can't just leave that one without a name, user?

It's by nygmu, just search that.
it's got futa though, futa misaka clones fucks most of the female cast

Fuck just found it. Thanks user, but futa is unnecessary

She'd def take advantage, especially if she met First Order.