One piece

Cant wait to see Pay-Pay, and Ulti again!

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shut up

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Ulti a shit and gay gay is a jobber

Current power rankings:
Gorosei > Kaido > Dragon > Shanks > Big Mom > Blackbeard > Luffy > Mihawk > Zoro > Katakuri > King > Akainu > Aokiji > Ryokugyu > Fujitora > Sabo > Law > Kidd > Sanji > Kizaru

So who's going to defeat Page 1 and suffer Ultis wrath?

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Pay-Pay's gonna lose to the pussy

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>Don't worry friends, I'll keep you safe from the 20 kings
>I swear on my grave

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sanjifags will never recover from this

You literally have no proof at all that kizaru is the weakest admiral. And how would zoro jump above all those people? This is a retarded list.

Stussy the hussy is gonna beat him off

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fucking simp

Stop samefagging, samefag.

Would Drake attack her to maintain his cover?

I think Wano's geography was actually a prison for the super giant.
They couldn't lure him into deep water, so earth and sea were raised around him.

Luffy is the 5th emperor, and as a rule thus far the first commander of a yonkos fleet is admiral level making zoro admiral level. But realistically the list should be like
Gorosei > Kaido > Dragon > Shanks > Big Mom > Blackbeard > Luffy > Mihawk > Zoro >= Katakuri > King >= Akainu >= Aokiji >= Ryokugyu >= Fujitora > Sabo > Law > Kidd > Sanji > Kizaru

>tfw you realize Sanji is literally the most useless member of the crew

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>s-stop samefagging

Yeah whatever you tell your self to feel better. Your list is for fucking retards.

Not if she's Orochi's guest.
Plus he'd probably spill spaghetti if he got too physical.

Does Ulti get the male Decuplets? then they have a weird borderline incest family

Your list*


He probably doesn’t even know she’s CP0. And she probably isn’t aware of Sword.


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This never fails to make me laugh.

I've been thinking about the flashbacks in One Piece. A good flashback always adds something to the ongoing plot and doesn't exist just for the sake of telling what happened in the past (because if the past isn't relevant to the present, why show it now?). Given this, can OP flashbacks be considered good?
I still think Oden's flashback was absolute dogshit, and not just because of plot-induced stupidity here and there. It was largely irrelevant to the Wano arc in the present. The only Wano-important bit it revealed was how and why Orochi wormed his way into power.

Usopp or someone else like Chopper as even Sanji had difficulty with him even with his new Germa suit until he learned more about his fighting style and we can't just have non straw hat members take any glory of their strongest members. Unless Oda really doesn't care anymore.

That happened over a decade ago, I recovered just fine

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Nah Pay-Pay gets those girls since they are his age, but big sis Ulti will drool over Katakuri or maybe Smoothie

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Sanji seems cool until you remember that he'd job against 51% of the population of Earth.
Like holy shit, man. Your chivalry doesn't fucking matter. Choose who you want to treat well and stop trying to kill yourself over every woman alive.

Just don't have him fight women
As if Zolo never had to run or lost a fight


Well he had no problem hitting Big Mom, guess his rule only applies to beautiful woman.

Rent free

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Sanji Simps will never recover, he even got the ugliest girl in the series

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But we haven't seen Kings face yet

>SWORD so far is comprised of Drake and Koby
Akainu better be the leader or this is the most pathetic organization in One Piece.

A title isn’t a power ranking! Luffy isn’t even a legit yonko! That’s just what Morgan himself deemed luffy to be. And that’s going off the facts of Morgan wanting to over hype luffy as if he really beat big mom and the rumors he heard of the fleet luffy commands. When readers really know he wasn’t even close to big mom level. A title is just a title for the most part. So as I stated this list doesn’t make sense. Plus putting kizaru under everyone when you have no proof at all is crazy.

Yeah your list.

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Most character flashbacks serve to expand on why a character acts a certain way so other than Oden I would say they all add something to the current story.

Luffybros does anyone have that gigachad Luffy pic?

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>Maybe you've heard of me, I'm a new pirate, my name is Rockstar
>I totally have a bounty and am a real pirate

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>can make attacks at the speed of light
>couldn’t even kill one strawhat or supernova pretimskip
yeah he’s weak as fuck

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Some say he's still in there to this day

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Wait are we getting chapter today?

I hate you all so very much

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>idk what plot convince is
He literally only went for the strawhats. He destroyed all the novas by himself on ease and left them alone when he located luffy and his crew. Then Kuma and Rayleigh jumped in. I don’t see how that makes him weak.

Kizaru is weak since he lost to a washed up old man who could barely fight anymore.

these hands bisexual anybody can get them all you had to do was kick the fuck outta khalifa but noooo shes a girl she flinched and all

I love it when the crew cover for each other's weak points even if it's lame. Nami fought his fight and even called his lame shit impressive, this interaction was very memorable for me.

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I’m willing to beat aokiji is the leader. He falls in line the most with Koby and drake personality I feel. And him doing undercover with BB makes it seem more true. Cause didn’t he say some like you don’t have to be apart of the marines to get shit done or some like that.

I love them.

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>sanjihaters already at it
Even during a quarantine you should have more of a life

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This is why the crew exists. To make up for each other weaknesses.


>he lost
Please show me the chapter when he lost.

You guys are fucking lame, I’m out

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you want chapter early?

I want you to cancel One Piece

Absolutely cute

*cutest and most useful

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