Digimon Adventure:

Recap and preview for episode 4 and onward.


The interesting bits are at 8:45 mark.

What obscure Digimon you hope to see in the new Adventure?

Will they FINALLY fill that Principality spot for all choir of angels to have an angel mon representative?

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Are the Royal Knights still a thing? I liked the concept a lot but the franchise was always shy of fleshing them out fully. The closes we got was in Savers.

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They were central part of the cybersleuth games

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Did the whole rooster finally appeared?

Read the X evolution manga if you want them fleshed out

Maybe? Who know as RKs are shoehorned into ever Digimon continuity since they debuted in Frontier.

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All RKs appeared even Jojomon and Newbie.

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Is that meicoomon in the back?


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So is Seraphimon Patamon's war hero form? will he finally be powerful

Her mega form.

>will he finally be powerful
Only up against dark Digimon.

He has always been powerful, but he used DEF and HP as a dump stat. The armor is for show.

OXII when?

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I'm so goddamn fucking excited! Corona-chan can't end too soon...

It's clear Patamon is Angel Squad Seraphimon, and it's possible, if unlikely, that Tailmon is Ophanimon. However, the TCG implies Tailmon's Ultimate stage is Holydramon. I suppose it's possible she no longer can evolve inyo Ophanimon and as such now evolves into Holydramon (eventually). Would explain her shyness?

It's great to see Desumon! I think this means that the 7 Demon Lords won't be returning (most likely), as Deathmon isn't one of them. I'm so giddy just thinking about the adventure and mystery surrounding the series' past!

The gorgeous looks continue, and based on just this preview, I'm ready to declare Adventure: Digital World as my favourite.


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If that Ophanimon is indeed Tailmon, I'm gonna leave Digimon discussion threads. Tri's autistic evo wars were hell


So, in Our War Game (dub), Infermon says "I'm looking for the programmer. Don't interfere." What did he mean by that, and what did he say in the sub?

Get that stick out of your ass.

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That's the romanization of the kana.

see Sorry for trying to be funny.

Its official name is Deathmon: digimon.net/reference/detail.php?directory_name=deathmon

I love my wife Erika

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why did you post a blank picture

How are there people who like Digimon Adventure tri. and that waste of space Meiko and her partner AIDS Cat?

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I like Meicoomon's design, it's very eye pleasing. The plot was a big mess but the slice of life episodes were still good.
Best thing to come out of Tri were the evolution sequences though.

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>Best thing to come out of Tri were the evolution sequences though.
You are fucking retarded.

The joke is old and tired.

>Best thing to come out of Tri were the evolution sequences though.
What the fuck were you smoking? That shit looked god awful.


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Which cat would you adopt?

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For me it's Ruki Makino. You know the rest. I'm feeling lazy to write all that.

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>Digimon Coloring Page
>Digimon CP
Well done, Toei!