Wtf happened bros? He was a solid 8/10 protag but went full retard less than 12 episodes in

wtf happened bros? He was a solid 8/10 protag but went full retard less than 12 episodes in

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he was 3/10 at the start and devolved into 0/10
truly a despicable self insert, I can't even imagine fucking emilia as subaru without wanting to throw up and kill myself


essential plot development
In the LNs he was always a self absorbed entitled fuck niceguy. I think the author originally was trying to deconstruct the standard isekai protagonist but went legit with it later on once the money started coming in.
They tried to tone that down in the anime, but they couldn't change this part without changing the plot so it kind of comes out of nowhere in the adaptation.

Examples of the niceguy moments?

You're a fucking moron. He was a 2/10 protag at best until episode 12 when he actually became interesting. His Eliot Rodger tendencies made perfect sense considering his NEET background and were even understandable to a certain extent since he actually was going through a lot of horrible shit that only he knew about. You really think after all that he wouldn't freak out and have a breakdown, especially when you take into account his protagonist complex? I'm sure you think him acting like a selfish retard in the princess ceremony was a new direction for his character, but that just shows your inability to actually understand what kind of person he was from the very get go. He was selfish since episode 1 but it just happened to manifest in ways that helped everyone. He had a string of luck (and retries thanks to his power) that inflated his ego even more until episode 12 when his selfish behavior finally backfired and he revealed to everyone what kind of person he was. They throw this away at the end of episode 18 and his character becomes a dime a dozen uninteresting isekai protag, and the show unsurprisingly takes a nosedive as a result.

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Fuck i dont remember, it's been like 4 years.

>self insert
subaru isn't a self insert

He is for me.
Because i'm a piece of shit

i mean he still spergs out and wants to murder people in the next arc, but once again by the end he forgives that lion fucktard which is my issue with this series in that he builds up then never delivers.

You're a fucking moron

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I like how hes learning not to be a selfish retard. In fact I think him having his ego busted and him having to go through the difficult process of confronting his faults is what makes the series good. Of course he isn't going to act the same in episode 18 as he did at episode 12.

no he was definitely an inoffensive MC at the start

Wasn't he adamant that Felt called him Onee-chan because he wanted to emulate the imouto

Wrong comment
I was replying to this

Development is good but the way it’s done in 18 feels unnatural. Rem boosting his spirits is fine but he basically turns into an action hero in 18 right after being at his lowest point.

Also I meant person

OP a fag

Emilia > Rem

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I've had days like this.
Don't give up.

emilia is for dogs and innocent shota villagers

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>They throw this away at the end of episode 18 and his character becomes a dime a dozen uninteresting isekai protag, and the show unsurprisingly takes a nosedive as a result.
No they don't. The anime does because of the director was a Emiliafag who hated Rem (it was a producer that saved Rem's scenes). But not the source material, his hero complex (more accurately his self validation complex) is directed towards Rem instead of Emilia from episode 18 onwards. Rem validates him, she told him he was her hero and that was all Subaru needed and looked for. In the source material he falls for Rem because of this and she becomes the thing that binds his fragile heart. He's still selfish to the core, but he wants to be the hero that Rem loves.

This... for this reason

I love you. Finally someone shares my point.

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not him but
>“I’m the person who saved your life! Your rescuer! Now you are the heroine I rescued. Don’t you think that I should get some kind of reward? Don’t you think so?!” ( Arc 1 after defeating Elsa)
This is a big problem I have with the anime. It doesn't have his monologues. I stress that Subaru's monologues cannot be left to interpretation and must be explicitly stated because he isn't a bland self insert.

This is from the carriage ride back to mansion the first time where he goes mindbroken after seeing everybody dead (this before he sees the village).
>“Nothing will work unless I’m with her… Now she’ll understand that.”
>It was unfounded certainty—no, it was nothing but hope.
>Emilia had fallen into peril. If he was there, galloping to her rescue, somehow everything would work out. That was his slender, flickering hope, in danger of being snuffed out by the wind.
>He wanted to prove his worth. He needed to.
>If Emilia was in distress, Subaru would save her.”
>“No, that’s how it had to be. Subaru needed Emilia to fall into peril so that he could discover his own value—and show others that he had worth.
>“That’s right… It’s no good if I’m not with her. For sure…!”

I'm pretty sure anyone who actually read the novels would get it, I'm not sure how he understood it from the anime where they actively made him into a self insert character.

Damn... He's almost a completely different character. Did they add any of the monologues.
To the director's cut?

nope the director's cut adds nothing except one scene at the end. it censors the burned villagers due to the kyoanus fire

I personally would not waste the time watching that, you don't have anything against reading right?

Nope not at all.

He literally ignored lessons that entire arcs were based on learning to surmount, emotional payoff and all. That's not good writing it's hamfisted slop. Remove your tongue from this authors anus before you post

then here. should have everything you need.

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>fucks up one time with maids
>kills himself to start anew
>fucks up that time
>does nothing