What does Yas Forums think of Edward and of comic relief characters in anime in general?

What does Yas Forums think of Edward and of comic relief characters in anime in general?

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Ed was cool. Everyone else fucking sucked.

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She was the crew's drug dealer. absolute based.

Ehhhhh in general I'm not fond of characters who exist SOLELY to be comic relief. They can have some comedic elements or crack some jokes, but if they don't contribute to the plot in positive ways (or like, actively make things worse for everyone) I can't stand them.

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I like Ed. The levity she brought to the crew and what she added to their chemistry was welcome and refreshing. Plus, it's nice to have her as a hacker plot device, since that's useful for economical storytelling.

Plus I wanted to do her that always helps.

They can work.
Nisekoi's shuu is a good example.

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Pointless comic relief sidekicks both waste space and are rarely funny. But Ed had a great purpose balancing the rest of the cast. This was always the most emotional part of Cowboy Bebop to me.

extremely based get, but cowboy bebop is a jewish show and you should know better than to ask questions

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I was not looking forward to Ed but surprisingly she blended in well with the others and had her own decent story to get through. Very few times she was annoying, and real kids really are annoying even if you like them.
Most shows don't pull off this character well, especially not when they are added halfway through. Cowboy Bebop is a good anime, it endures for a reason.


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My heart was forever broken by Edward wandering off into the desert after sunset. See you, space cowgirl....

The Japanese aren't very good at humor and generally should stop attempting it

Ed honestly kinda sucked. Existed to poke her head in, say something nonsensical in a cutesy voice then disappear again.

Ed was fun and useful, but I don't get why she became obsessed with the Bebop in the first place. Her introductory episode always lost me.

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Yes, Ed is a girl. Fucking speedwatchers.

Comic relief characters for the sake of it become annoying in the long run. Especially when the writing of the show is already not so good.
Ed is a nice character though, I love the idea of an hyperactive and childish little girl being a computer genius.

You just dont understand Japanese humor cuz you're a brainlet.

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ugh... as an intelligent gentlesir who of course recognizes the fact that the lowbrow droll tripe that is called "anime comedy" is only for dumb people, I hate it.

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Wrong. That's Cowboy BeBop at his computer.

Wait, wait, wait. Ed was the BeBop all along?

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I wish Ed had more art

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Yes. She was the materialized conscience of the BeBop.

I knew it

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Cowboy Bebop at his computer.


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