One Punch Man

Predict the next chapter

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Saitama kills somebody with one punch

Saitama kills somebody with one punch

Saitama kills somebody with one punch

Yeah, ok, very funny.

More filler bullshit with irrelevant side characters as Murata try to drag out the Saitama-Garou fight to December

Saitama vs Garou is the least hype thing about this arc. It wasn't a great fight or even an interesting conversation. Just a grown man setting a chuuni kid on the right path.

Wtf was that last chapter?


>to December

The table flip was cool and the fact that people didn't have to wade through months of filler trash made it even better.

it seems a lot of more heroes are going to witness saitama vs garou fight

I don't get why people complain about filler for the manga. If it was the webcomic I might understand but isn't the whole point of the redraw to gawk at the Murata art? If so why does it matter if it's filler or not?

Tatsumaki destroys my dick

I'm sure all of the new stuff is amazing for the people who haven't read the webcomic before, but there was a charm to webcomic's breakneck pacing. All of it was great.
Now with the manga, there's more but not all of it is as good as it's best parts.
Also people want the manga to catch up to the webcomic so we can have more story.

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Tornado and Psykos finish their throwdown, then Black Sperm and the other Cadres come up to beat up the winner, then the chapter after that will segway into the Awakened Garou arc.

I picked up the manga because it gave me new appreciation for the ONEs world, story and character by making it higher resolution and prettier.
I dont care about high resolution pretty filler.

Since we want to see the beautiful art, we want to see it being used on scenes we were waiting for several years now

the older filler in the serialization was pretty good, it generally served to provide slice of life-esque side stories that felt fairly in tone with the webcomic but wouldn't be in it because of its brevity. comparing that with the current filler being several chapters of jobbers inconsequentially fighting, especially in contrast with unimportant webcomic fights being half a page or so, i think it's understandable why people might complain about the filler. i appreciate murata's work but will take a chapter about tatsumaki being bored or saitama eating lunch next to a guy about to kill himself over flashy flash fighting jobbers given upgraded significance or phoenix man.

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This guy gets it. I've read the webcomic first and consider it the OPM main story. Muratas version is pretty and far less of a parody than ONEs and that's exactly what makes it fun. I enjoyed the additional stuff up until now.
Many people here sound like children crying for their favourite scene or character to be drawn by murata.

>but will take a chapter about tatsumaki being bored or saitama eating lunch next to a guy about to kill himself
Those weren't even filler, they were extra chapters. You could compare it to OVAs.

What's the thing you find the most interesting about the setting?

I like how it's a death world in a thin disguise.

I thought one have a rule for psychic power. How come tatsumaki can form shield and lift the base at the same time?

I wouldnt say witness as much as a bigger flock wanting to lynch Garou at the end.

Utterly wrong. Garou vs Saitama is literally the best fight in the entire series, the most anticipated one in the redraw, and Murata has been thinking of ideas on how to expand its scale for years while ONE has been fleshing out Garou's character more in the manga.

Teru could do it, and MP100 isn't even the same story as OPM.
A very powerful psychic like Tatsumaki could easily pull off something like that.

Only one power at once used was pretty much a meme from the weaker Espers.

So Darkshine deal more damage than Rover because he crushes Garou rib while Rover point-blank blast didn't. But since Rover no sell Bang and bomb combo he has more Durability

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ONE writes the manga too.....

December looks like a very optimist expectation

I see. I was a bit confused because the garou and psychos earlier meeting.

See DBZ is awesome for the people that did not read the manga, but if you compare the two, the anime is so fucking slow while the manga read itself so easely you don't even notice you already read 3 tomes