Black Clover

Why is it so bad?

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Why does its mere existence make you seethe?

Because it's a Nardo rip off

This show was so committed to being shit that it went full circle and became kino. It drags you down to its level of retardation and you eventually learn to appreciate it for what it is

This show starts shit and stayed shit to this day with no possible recovery

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MC is way too annoying

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Because Shonen manga have a culture of sticking to tropes as much as possible in order to sell more volumes. Black Clover plays to this to the core, and it JUST shonen tropes masking itself as a story. In other words, there is likely worse to come, unless a huge weird ass manga becomes really big and promotes different, better, tropes in the medium.

I'm at episode 13 at the moment.
The black bull characters constantly keep forcing how boring they are. Every scene, 'sister' 'food' 'wine' etc..
Does it stay this way?

Yes, they all have a single point to their character and its played to death. I'd recommend spending your time reading something of actual value.

Yes. Each character gets their own little development episode as it goes on but even then every single time they appear onscreen they bear you over the head with their singular personality trait

Yes. One of the reasons I dropped this, too one-dimensional for me

Probably dropping it as soon as I find a better shounen. Any recommendations? I know all shounens are shit, but I can't do heavy stuff when I get home after a nights work.

Stop listening to retards first of all. Second read it don't watch it. But if you can't, keep going because the characters are developed. The anime overplays each of the individual quirks of each character to fill time but it is what it is. You learn to like it once the characters are more fleshed out via interplay with other characters.

its very unoriginal

There are plenty of great shonen out there.

If you haven't already, watch Hunter x Hunter,

It's pretty based desu

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Anything will do. I even found FT more interesting that black clover.

Characters never develop, Asta is still a screaming retard who wants ro be hokage, Yuno is still as interesting as watching paint dry, Noelle is still a shitty mary sue tsundere. I won't even bother with the rest of the black bulls, they aren't even relevant.

>He made ANOTHER thread

Because it's just slightly above HxH.

Dunno why everyone called Yuno edgy, I don't think he has every displayed any edge to him. He's pretty nonplussed most of the time

are you retarded on purpose?

Are you? Yuno is just apathetic to everyone except his Hage family on his path to become Wizard King.

Also pictures of who wins Asta

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and how is that not edgy


When I think edgy in shonen I think Sasuke where he is out to kill his brother or is trying to kill his former comrades. By nonplussed I mean that a goofy event will occur and Yuno just doesn't have a reaction to it. I'm not sure how you could possibly define that as edgy

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How is that edgy? Hes just a chill guy

Whens the real thread?

>low effort setup for generic shonenshit
>yeah they're magic knights which means they fight like bleachnarutodragonball characters
>no world building for the kingdoms
>powerlevels drop and jump as necessary
>the protag wants to be hokage but doesn't have any magic, BUT he has antimagic which lets him beat all the mages
>also everyone falls in love with him and all the characters immediately care more about him than their own long-lasting relationships
>there's an evil villain but the evil villain is controlled by another eviler villain but the eviler villain is controlled by an evilerer villain but now that evilerer villain is defeat new evilererer villains appear
the writing is lazy
the art is mediocre
the best thing it got going for it is releasing on time every week

next week.
>b-but one piece got spoiler
translator leaked it. no one else is getting spoiler this week.

Do you happen to have any examples or more thorough explanations for your claims?

sounds pretty based

I really like black clover mostly because its fast paced I just cant deal with stuff like one peace where you wait a weak and then nothing happens anymore

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no this is the best you'll get

Also I just wanna say I'm not shitting on one piece I love it pre time skip at least