D-did she win, bros

D-did she win, bros....

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Yes, megumemefags are on suicide watch

Who cares? Konosuba is shit anyway.
nice trips

Megumin is for Yunyun anyway.

Yunyun is for Dust

Wot? What's happening?

I mean, she’s definitely achieved Kazuma‘s love, but not in a romantic way the way the two interact most of the time remind me of sibling interactions, and I would know

Kazumabowl ended, light novel over. Megumin didn't win. Ends with Kazuma having feelings for Aqua.

holy check 'em, she totally did win after all.

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>Starts with Konosuba having feelings for Aqua
>Ends with Konosuba having feelings for Aqua.
It fucking rhymes! So it's true, and good.

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Dub dubs

Holy shit, Aqua did win

I'll wait until the actual paragraphs from the final LN get posted. Usually, you get shitposters making up fake spoilers on the day before something like this gets released.

dumb, deluded megameme poster.

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put me on the screencap

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Nah, just speaking from experience. I got bullshitted before with fake spoilers about Goblin Slayer

Sadly it's true, but aqua didn't win, its annopen ending, aquafags just dumb reddit shitposters. Kazuma only acknowledged her but there is no indication that Kazuma loves her or anything. Its looks like that withouth the context but if you unironically think that after you actually read it, you're just as retarded as aqua.

>user got experience
>the goofy goober kind of experience

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>Sadly it's true, but aqua did win
I still can't believe it.

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Based aquachad poster.

What exactly did Kazuma say to acknowledge her, lads?

That she gives him a heart boner.

>What exactly did Kazuma say to acknowledge her, lads?
Probably something stupid. Who cares? Did they fuck, or what.

No, and Megumin is still his girlfriend at the end. Dont know why people think this is a win

>aquafags are redditspacer retards
Who would've guessed

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and resentful. Is it because of the Lilliputian complex?

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Did they fight the demon king at the end or did they not even get there?

>it's an open ending
>Megumin is still his girlfriend at the end

So which is it? The megumin girlfriend route or the harem route?

wiz with her big oppai will win

Wiz's oppai got disqualified because they're filled with slugs and frogs and slimes - which basically amounts to padding. Please, be so good and go sit next to Eris fags, will you?

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Megumin is his official girlfriend but they relationship didn't develop anything in the last volume so basically nothing happened. In the vol16, there was a promise between Kazuma and Megumin that they will fuck after they defeat the demon king ao probably thats happened but unfortunately offscreen so the aqualedditors now spam the board with their headcannon.

>Megumin is his official girlfriend
imagine being this deluded

I don't even care because I wanted a Darkness win but your deliberate misinterpretation is just retarded baiting.