Why is it so much better than the remake

Why is it so much better than the remake

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From what I remember taking away it's that it doesn't have gay-ass "funny" moments that kill tension, also way less exposition scenes.

It just ended better too.

This. Not only the comedy in the remake is so unfunny, it kills the tone of the show. You could hardly take it seriously.

It isn't, delusional 03 fag.

Feels more thematically consistent due to things like this It also got to adapt at a leisure pace the first half of the manga which features some of the best writing.
I wouldn't call it much better but I do like it more than Brotherhood.

does that term even apply when it actually follows the source material?

Why is it so hard to find eps of this online? Every place I check only has Brotherhood.

It's shit and boring, i don't understand how this is apparently the "best anime ever".

I'm referring to both the original and remake

Yes. See "The Thing".

Fuck off, newfag.

I feel like you must not be looking very hard at all

Nostalgia goggles are tinted with rose, it's not better.

It's not. I watched both back to back.

It is. I watched both back to back.

Glad I'm not the only one who realizes this. The serious tone of the last part of the show, and the ending in particular fit with the themes of redemption much better.

It might be.I watched both back to back

>Glad I'm not the only one who realizes this
Did you just get here? '03 vs. Brotherhood fags have had this argument at least once a week for the last ten years.

>at least once a week
At this point even thats being too generous, I'd be surprised if I went a whole day without seeing one pop up at least for a little while

It isn't, you contrarian homosexual. Now go to sleep, it's past your bedtime kiddo.


As someone who barely sleeps and wastes most of his time on Yas Forums, it's multiple times a day most days.

Because it's massive edge please the edgy people of 4shits, which is full of immature hobos who think that edgy things ==mature

That is the remake though. Brotherhood was an adaptation.

This. Also the soundtracks and athmosphere were fenomenal. I was so dissapointed when i watched brother hood, it felt like the most generic shounenshit ever.

I think that's fairly simple. Having just rewatched it, the biggest difference is where brotherhood would have some dumb action scene, 03 would have a quick fight and the story would continue. There was far more story and actual character building, where brotherhood loses its mind in the 2nd half and just turns into an unending battle scene.

So are we making this thread every week or is it just one faggot shitposting?

It suffers from some rather dull filler episodes but when 03 and Brotherhood scenes mix usually 03 is on top due to better music, less flat colours, less random comedy and simply not being rushed. Hughes especially was butchered in brotherhood

As for the anime original stuff, its a mixed bag. I preferred the equivalent exchange themed ending bittersweet as it was and the whole idea of 03 Sloth, but I agree Brotherhood homonculi were on the whole a lot more memorable.

>Hughes especially was butchered in brotherhood
In what way?The only fault I can think of is him not having enough screentime but that's more a fault of brotherhood being too faithful and they did add scenes with him in the first and second episode.

I've always hated the promo art for the 2003 show. It's literally always Ed with his forearm transmuted into a blade. He didn't even do this that much. On top of that, the blade is always way longer than it should be.

It's not even that edgy outside of a few select episodes.

I wish I could still NEET in peace. I don't have my own room or anything so I can only watch anime at night after everyone else has gone to sleep. Ah, how I miss those days of blocking out the windows and watching entire seasons with a bag of chips and a steel reserve on my bed.

It always makes me chuckle that in 90% of figures and promo art his coat is either damaged or only on one arm or he's randomly not wearing gloves to show his automail off, bones needs to chill.

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