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Get the fuck in here.
Only 2 more years bros!

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Took their damn time.

>100% CGI
As long as I get to see more oragami cyclone and dragon kid, I'll be happy

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Finally. They look good.

They won't go that far but it will probably have more CGI than last time.

>2 more years

Whatever, it's been this long already. I can wait. Wonder how much of the side material will become mandatory reading.

>one hour
>five replies
Waiting this long killed the hype.

Ueda's manga and the novels might be enough, since the games fit around the first half of season 1. The rest is for fun and expanding the setting.

You guys think it'll actually take 2 years to make the anime or do you think they just want the release to coincide with Year of the Tiger?

wait it's still going on

anyways i want to fuck kotetsu

The hype never died in Japan though. Yas Forums doesn't really matter.

Yeah, there has been side materials coming out after the movies

Fucking hell, it's about time

Kotetsu is for Barnaby.

Speaking of, will T&B be more blatant about it this time around? The staff was gung-ho but the sponsorships were not. Maybe the loyalty of fujos/women will let them be a little loser.

Bit of both; everything is slowed down by Corona and the Year of the Tiger will be a good hype boost.

Slightly more blatant, but it might be open ended again if they want to make a season 3 later.

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we know Barnaby, calm down

They do fujo pander and encourage fans to fujo ship so who knows

Very nice, but no Ryan
Maybe he'll get an episode or a cameo later

Who doesn't.

Maybe it will be a surprise.

I hope so, he's so fun

Sorry got distracted, meant who doesn't want him back here

Yeah that had me confused, it's ok

I wonder if we will get to see crapsuit again.

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I like how they grew Paolin's hair out a bit again, she looks cuter.

Yeah, the others still look a lot like they did before except her and Bison, he looks a bit thinner

Maybe he's trying a less bulky look, or he got fired because of his ratings dropping.

poor Bison can't catch a break

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Nee-san's pecs look so juicy. I like all of their new outfits except maybe Barnaby's since not much changed. I think Katsura could've done something a little more and still keep him iconic looking.

I want a better look at Nathan's earrings.

>Origami Cyclone = First Hero To Die
>Fucking Calling It

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