Here's that loli you ordered.

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I wanna have a cute daughter

Bring her to my bedroom.


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So, which country is she from?

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How does she get out without breaking the boxes?



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I'm rooting for idol girl in the gotou bowl

Is that supposed to be Minecraft right there?

Too bad for her that Gotou got a sex bomb in his studio and his editor set up an all night orgy for them.

*hits pipe* (lol)

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Is there a case where the father keeps his gold medal?

>lmao look at the box


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>wholesome episode ending
>then brings the mood down to minus one hundred

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Then you know what you gotta do

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Why do the girls look similar to that of zetsubou sensei

>when the night comes up and you're too far away from your bed or base

Why do you think braniac?

It's the prequel

Gotou is the author of zestubou sensei and he simply draws people how they look in his world.

No way fag, I'll have her delivered by the stork like a normal person thank you.

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which subs have the best translation notes?

Nadila is an Arabic name.

because Kakushigoto is made by Kumeta, the author of SZS.

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Indonesia has a muslim majority.

they're quite common in indonesia

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