Asuka is made for ______

Asuka is made for ______

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Multiple penetration

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>Point at reference.
>It's the thing!
>That's the joke!


This is the smile of your waifu when she has gobs of Shinjis' semen stuck to the walls of her vaginal canal.

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good thing she's not my waifu


public urinal

intense anal training and subsequent prolapse

Scat. Her scat doujins are god tier.

Ignoring and sage

>Shinjis' eyes.

Every time.

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BJC (of Shinji)

based dokurosan

losing to Rei.

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Naruhina tier vanilla made by Nanashi

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But I self insert as Shinji. That's the entire reason why I like Eva, his emotions are relatable.

Reminder that Class Rep has more chance of winning the Shinji bowl than either Asuka or RRei

>literally exists only in the context of asuka and toji


love and affection

Heckin wholesome

Japanese "humor" isn't known for its subtlety

-ever a bitter, one-eyed 14 year old who has to carry the team on her back year after year until she dies alone, unloved and unappreciated.

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Tragic desu


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Need to work out a LOT of things for it to get there.

nanashi's asuka & shinji comics suck, the characters don't resemble themselves at all


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kill herself

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And redpilled

self-inserting as

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