Do you think Shinji listen to Misato and Asuka use the toilet

Do you think Shinji listen to Misato and Asuka use the toilet

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>Farts, plops and piss dribble.

God. Literal shit taste there, Shinji.

Considering what a boozebag Misato is, I don't think you could avoid hearing her use the toilet. He probably gets torn from the peace of slumber every morning by the thunderous racket of her hangover diarrhea. Shinji's entire psychological unraveling was just delirium brought on by lack of sleep.

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How often do you think Asuka masturbated?

Do you think Shinji could hear her?

Do you think Shinji ever sniffed Misato’s and Asuka’s underwear?

> find fan art on booru of Asuka dropping a huge shit in a western toilet, and being unable to flush it cause she clogged the toilet
> cum fucking buckets

imagine listening at the bathroom door and hearing the airy farts come slapping out of Asuka's fat ass on the toilet

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without a doubt

>fat ass

Asuka is a scrawny little slip of a girl. So is Rei. NOBODY in Eva has a "fat ass."

Do you think Asuka takes hard thick shits or those thinner runnier shits? Also, imagine listening to her groans while shes shitting

Pen Pen do be thicc tho

Absolutely not. He sniffs Asuka's dirty socks and Misato's sweaty pantyhose instead.

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So my threads get archived regardless of content inside of 15 minutes, but this stuff gets responses

boo fucking hoo

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>Not understanding that scat is a patrician and upper echelon fetish


he'd just happen to linger on particular garments while loading the laundry, just 'accidentally' inspect them a little too close so that he could tell himself he wasn't doing anything perverted or violating their privacy while also, in true eva self-loathing doublethink fashion, internally grumbling about how they make him do the laundry and this is what they deserve.

He licked the seat

I bet he had to clean it if it’s got clogged

There's a lot of poop threads on Yas Forums tonight, like way more than I would have expected.

Based and accurate


Definitely, not even his walkman can drown out those braps

Cool story, bro

What sort of drugs do you think Shinji would be into?

He's just the right amount of pussy to be a pain pill guy.

any drug would make him less of a pussy

Imagine Shinji on hallucinogens.


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