Write joke character

>write joke character
>turn her into a background character until the plot summons her
>make her win
What's wrong with jap authors?

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>MC has the best interactions with masoquist girl
>MC has the best chemistry and is best buddies with the goddess
>Still chuni loli wins just because chuni and loli

What's wrong with jap authors?

Sounds great.

So who won Aqua or Megumeme?


authors that do this should just quit


Lads, I fucking hate megumin. Everytime I hear her go Eeeeexxxxxplosion hihi xD makes me wanna rip my ear off and feed it to her.. Yunyun should have replaced her.

She didnt win though, Kazuma acknowledged that she was a warm body. And he's still Megumin's boyfriend at the end.

>can't spell chuuni right
Fucking newfags

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If it's anything like the web novel's ending, all three of them won.
Aqua is the reason why Kazuma decides to kill the Demon King. After hearing her wish to return home, he makes up his mind to fulfill it, no matter the cost.
Darkness is the woman who gives him the courage to go through with his promise, even at the cost of his life.
Megumin gives him the means to fight and destroy the Demon King. Her charm (with Aqua's hair) and the Explosion spell are what kills the two of them in their final showdown.

Where the fuck was the Demon King? The Demon King is supposed to be a joke in Isekai stories, they never show up.

Did Kazuma fuck Megumin or not?

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>not going with someone who can literally revive you a ton of times and heal you
>looks that way for thousands of years

most realistic solution

Nope. The one time it was about to happen, Kazuma stops himself since he can't relax until things are settled with Aqua. He tries to play it off by saying that the mood would be better if they did it behind Aqua and Darkness's back in a love affair sort of way but Megumin sees right through him.

these threads aren't gonna age well when the novel actually releases and it's just a poorly done open ended non committal psuedo harem end.

Novel came out 15 hours ago and that's exactly how it ended. Only with the promise of more afterstory volumes and Megumin's relationship being resolved in them.

Was there any promise those extra stories will occur after the final volume, or that they will include Megumin's relationship progress?

He mentions Kazuma's promise to Megumin after taking care of the DK, and also that Kazuma is now technically Iris' fiance per tradition.

No, and he's considering fucking Aqua now.

Hopefully any extra content won't just be a single implied sex scene.

This isn't shinmai user. Expect Kazuma to fuck up and get blueballed

Face it Megumemetards, Aqua carried Konosuba. At least you fags got a movie, right?

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I don't mind a few more failed attempts, but it doesn't need to be all of them. It doesn't have to go to shinmai's level, but it doesn't have to be the same as the original either.

So, who won the Kazuma bowl? I know he was Megumeme's boyfriend but did they actually end up together in the end?

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Why do these people not know how to end stories anymore? Every ending in the last decade has been garbage


>Aqua carried Konosuba
Why didn't she get a movie then?

It's honestly a great ending and really cute Aqua hated Kazuma in the beginning when he dragged her along, but overtime their relationship developed and even though they wouldn't admit it they clearly became very close able to show their real selves to each other get angry with each other but still make up after and in the movie you see a lot more of Aqua on the sidelines tenderly caring for Kazuma when something bad happened to him, it was honestly only a matter of time until Kazuma being so close to her all the time realized he actually loved her.

I never expected Aqua to win, but the way they did it too was perfect, honestly the pair of them feel like they could already be married and would have a happy long marriage with various ups and downs and highs and lows but they'd always be together and support each other. Megumin feels like a first girlfriend that the pair would eventually agree to brak-up.

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she didn't need it because she's already perfect

She had all the best moments in the movie thought .

Did you rike it?

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